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 Post subject: Kingdom of Chail
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:49 pm 
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Located in central portion of eastern Etaria, it's the largest and oldest Kingdom on the continent. At times it is also referred to as "The Golden Kingdom." It is the busiest, most modern Kingdom to date, with a host of organizations and activities that make it quite popular. Chail's borders sprawl from the Tu'lan River Valley to the Chail Highlands; encompassing lowlands, highlands, forests, rolling hills and majestic mountains.

Current ruler(s): Stephen Vorchas (King)
Population (approx.): 1 million.

Capital: City of Chail-Anden
    Northern Chail-Anden is the stately heart of the old city. Among other things it is home to Castle Larelac (the Royal Palace), the barracks of the Kings Royal Lancers, homes of the aristocracy and the wealthy, and high fashion shopping.

    Southern Chail-Anden houses much of the middle class as well as a large mercantile district. The area known as the slums, located near the docks, is generally populated with those of the lowest economic class. Besides the poor it is also home to much of the criminal element of the city. Rumor has it that the Matchstick, an establishment in the Slums, has connections to the Torn Shadows. A temple of Shavista can be found in this area as well.

    Outer Chail-Anden is where the city transitions into the rural countryside. Residents that prefer to live just outside the hustle and bustle of the city proper make their homes here.

Many regard the founding of the small village-kingdom of Chail by the Sea, first ruled by Jorric, as the origination of the kingdom of Chail. It wasn't until William the Mighty however that any real borders where set and once his son, King Larelac, assumed the throne the various parts of Chail was finally united into a vibrant and thriving kingdom.

In recent years the kingdom has been subjected to many disasters and ill fortunes, ranging from a lack of reliable leaders, to wars, and to strange happenstances and attacks from powerful creatures. The King's Royal Lancers, and later the King's Praetorian Knights, alongside other brave heroes, have however always been able to quell the threats to the kingdom and ensure safety and peace for its inhabitants. And the people of Chail have always managed to recuperate and rebuild their lives.

Under the short regency of Apollonia Regina of Celessa, the laws of Chail saw a reformation and their upholding was done a lot more strictly in order to curb the recent surge of criminality and hostile actions taking place within the borders of the Kingdom. These have not changed to date and all visitors to the capitol of Chail-Anden can read them clearly before they enter: they are all posted on a large board right outside the walls of Outer Chail-Anden.

    Treason: An act to overthrow the government, make war against the nation, conspire against its ruler or conspire against its rulers. Punishment: No less than six months in jail, public execution by drawing and quartering, and banishment should the party be spared from passing the River of Souls. The party shall also be branded upon the face with the letter "T".

    Murder: The unlawful killing of an individual, regardless of resurrection or having been spared from passing the River of Souls. Any termination of life (of a protected race) will be considered murder. Self-defense will be taken into account but does not acquit one of the charges of murder in all circumstances. Punishment: A fine of one million gold pieces and imprisonment between one moth and ten years. The party shall also be branded upon the face with the letter "M".

    Conspiracy: An unlawful treacherous or surreptitious plan formulated to commit crime. Punishment: The same as committing the crime.

    Contempt: The willful disobedience of the authority or declaration of a person charged with the keeping of the peace and laws within Chail. This includes nobility, council members, the King's Royal Lancers, the King's Praetorian Knights and the Chail Guard. Punishment: Half a million gold pieces in fine and one month's imprisonment. Further infractions will result in increased jail time up to and including banishment from the kingdom.

    Resisting Arrest or Flight from Prosecution: Unlawful flight to avoid trial or punishment for a crime. Punishment: Double the punishment for the original crime, regardless of guilt of the original crime.

    Pretending to be a False Title: To knowingly present oneself by document or statement to be of noble station. Punishment: A hundred thousand gold pieces in fine and one week in the stocks.

    Assault: The unlawful use of force or violence, constraint, or mischief upon a citizen of the kingdom. Punishment: One month's worth of community service or one day in the stocks.

    Arson: The willful destruction or damage by fire or magic to any property of another or the kingdom. Punishment: Repayment of the damages to the injured party and one day in the stocks.

    Blackmail: Gaining something of value by threats of public exposure or criminal prosecution. Punishment: Any of the below is punishable by one week's worth of community service and a fine of fifty thousand gold pieces.
    • Bribery: The offering, giving, receiving, or solicitation of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of a person responsible for the discharge of public or legal services.
    • Extortion: To obtain something of value from a citizen of the kingdom by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power.
    • False Accusation: To bring charges of a comission of an illegal activity by an individual or individuals without the proper evidence to support it.
    • Libel of a Public Official: The penning of knowingly false or malicious words concerning another whereby the statements injure their reputation.
    • Slander of a Public Official: The speaking of knowingly false or malicious words concerning another whereby such statements injure their reputation.
    • Perjury: To knowingly lie or make false or misleading statements to a public official in the course of an official investigation.

    Theft: To use any portion of or take possession of the property of another against their will. Punishment: Repayment threefold of all stolen property and one day in the stocks.

    Illegal Casting of Spells: Casting of spells, whether defensive or offensive or otherwise, is illegal within the limits of Chail-Anden and its outlying suburbs. Lienancy will be given in extenuating circumstances such as attacks from enemies of the kingdom. Punishment: One hour in the stocks.

    Openly Wielding a Weapon in Public: Brandishing a weapon in public at any time unless being threatened by an enemy of the kingdom. Punishment: A fine ranging between ten thousand and one hundred and fifty gold pieces, as well as one hour in the stocks.

The majority of the kingdom's human inhabitants are either farmers or fishermen, living off the fertile earth and the nearby sea. With the exception of Chail-Anden and Athkalta, most citizens are gathered in smaller villages and communities, where they concentrate on their own simple lifestyles. Those coming from the larger city and town are more commonly of other professions, and there are many who thrive off the country's trade with both Talanon and Tendril.

The mountains to the south and southwest house a number of dwarven clans as well, who live off their mines and their skills in smelting, blacksmithing and to some extent brewery. And in the great Etarics and forested parts of the mountains are also scattered tribes of moon and mountain elves, who for the most part remain seclusive and rarely interact with the rest of the kingdom unless necessary. The moon elves consider the humans of Chail friends however, a friendship that stem from far back in history.

Celebrations & Holidays

    All Hallow's Day
    During the beginning of the month Mordo, more precisely at the first Nelde, most businesses are closed and very few inhabitants of the kingdom do any sort of work. The day is considered hallowed, and a time of remembrance of people who have found peace beyond the River of Souls, especially those who became known as heroes in their lifetime. It was first established by a cleric of Mor'tep back during the reign of Arkon where he'd during the exact same day every year would preach publically on the streets of Chail-Anden about the afterlife, but has since then developed into a memorial day.

    Harvest Bounty Festival
    At the end of the havesting seasons, during the last week of Onna and first week of Naugrim, people come from all around the kingdom travel to the outskirts of Chail-Anden to celebrate the year that has been and share some of the harvest they have gained with each other in a great festival. After the foundation of the Khazad Chail, some local dwarven clans have also begun to join in the celebrations for a chance to both show off their brewery skills and to indulge in copious amounts of ale.

Locations of Note
The kingdom of Chail covers alot of land in the eastern part of Etaria - from the edge of the marshlands all the way down to the highlands in the south. There are many a things of wonder to see within its borders, and places of dangers that only the bravest of souls should attempt traversing.

    The second largest settlement, Athkalta lie squeezed between the Northern Etaric Forest, the sea and the Tu'lan River Valley. Thanks to the founding of a faction calling themselves the Consortium, the town has recently been rebuilt after suffering severe losses and damage in the war against the Sinestrath. Not far off the coast lie a small island that in the past served as a burial ground, however rumors of cultists having taken up residence there have had people keep away from the place.

    • Isle of Dread

    The open territory that lay between the forest to the west, the sea to the east and the mountains to the south. This is the place where most of the human settlements within the kingdom is found, and most live off either farming or fishing. The largest village to date is Maleneska where the keepers of balance, The Trinity Alliance, once had their grove. While their old grove still exist the faction is long gone. As well, not far from Maleneska the unlucky can come upon a Blight Grove that surrounds the great tainted oak called Terren.

    • Maleneska
    • Blight Grove

    Northern Chail Mountains
    A small community have grown surrounding the wayside Firewater Inn and the nearby dwarven stronghold of Khazad Chail. Not far off to the east lie the fortress of the King's Praetorian Knights. Trolls are rumored to roam the nearby forest, and few will venture up the nearby cliffs to the mysterious chapel and ancient stronghold that lie there.

    • The Kalanon Stronghold
    • The Khazad Chail Stronghold
      Located in the Northern Chail mountains (which as actually south of Chail-Anden) the Clan hall of Khazad opens is mighty doors to welcome all those who follow Durin, who's temple is also to be found within. While aligned with the Kingdom of Chail the Dwarfhold is overseen by a Dwarven Thane and is the epicenter of Dwarven culture in Etaria. Other dwarven clans, such as Clan Valinor make their homes deeper in the Chail Mountains.

    Northern Etaric Forest
    The western part of the kingdom consists of a portion of the great Etaric Forest. The northern part, caught between Athkalta and the Tu'lan river trail is what has for a long time been know as a dark and foreboding place. It is a location the sun shuns, and the dead cannot find rest.

    Southern Etaric Forest
    The deeper parts of the ancient forests of the Etarics are home to many a moon elven settlements, whom remain fairly seclusive toward the humans and prefer keeping to their own. For a long time there were a lot of trouble with local bandits, but they have since been chased off and the cavern they dwelled in sealed off. Though rumors say they merely moved deeper into the forest and are biding their time...

    Far deep inside the forest also lie a mysterious place many have just called the Magical Forest, a place said to be blessed by the god of magic Draxil. And also there's the planar ruins, though little information can be found about its origins and exact location. A road once led through the southern etarics to the city of Isaac's Lament, however as the place now lie in ruin far venture that way anymore.

    • Isaac's Lament
      Located east of Chail in the heart of the Etaric forest the city of Isaac's Lament which was destroyed in the Sinestrath invasion.

    Tu'lan River Valley
    A part of the forests past Athkalta and the Northern Etaric that remain clean of the blight infesting the nearby woods. It lies embedded within a great valley, with numerous smaller river trails coming together to the larger Tu'lan river.

    Western Chail Mountains
    Consists of the tall slopes within a part of the Etaric forest as well of the Dragon's Back. The later has for long been considered the territory of the ill-reputed mercenary company The Black Hand, and few venture among the sharp cliffs and fiery rivers unless looking to hire them. At the far western edge of the Etarics, where the slopes turn into mountains, lie the home of the old dwarven clan Sepich.

Personas of Note

    Stephen Vorchas
    The most recently appointed King of Chail, crowned after it had been found out he was the grandson of former king Ix Vorchas. The people of Chail hoped that now a new, true king had been found, the kingdom at last could enter into an era of peace after so many years of unrest.

    High Judge Jornas Livingston
    A fair and just tyllarite, Jornas has held the place of High Judge for many years albeit his title have been more of a formal one rather than actually holding any power until now. In the past it happened that the Royal Lancers and Chail Guard mostly meted out punishment for crimes on spot, however the recent reformations of laws and organization within Chail-Anden have finally made the elderly man be able to carry out his role the way it was intended. Which have had him hold deep appreciation toward the new ruler.

    Loreen Wayte, Grand Captain of the Guard
    The justicar Loreen was appointed the head of the Chail Guard after the previous one perished in the Betherak War. She's good-hearted, but the travesties of the war has made her jaded and quite uncompromising when it comes to seeing to the safety of the people.

Currently Chail engages in trade with the trade city of Talanon and the kingdom of Tendril. Their main export is different types of granary, as well as minerals and stone. In exchange they receive fabrics, spices and finer types of wood.

The Chail Guard operate mainly in the city of Chail-Anden and its outskirts. Their role is to ensure that order and peace is upheld within the capital since there are a lot of travellers coming and going through this part of the kingdom. The King's Royal Lancers are a much larger faction charged with the protection of the kingdom's borders.

The King's Royal Lancers also have two subfactions, one dedicated to driving the small navy that is at the country's disposal, and one charged with the protection of the kingdom's ruler and his family.

The larger port town of Athkalta is protected by its own militia.

The kingdom of Chail consider both the Trade City of Talanon and the forest kingdom of Tendril good neighbours and engage in trade with both. They have not had much contact with the Kingdom of Finerd and regard that nation with neutrality so far.

Due to wars with both Har'oloth and Genocise, anyone of these nationalities are considered enemies of Chail.

Despite the past war with the Sinestrath, whom have conquered large parts of the Tyranian continent, they are at a shaky peace for the moment however the old trade route between Chail-Anden and Lanthorm's Gate has not been re-established. The Valourian and Valasian nations, much like Finerd, are not considered a threat but have not been officially declared allies either.

More Reading related to the Kingdom of Chail

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