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 Post subject: Empire of Genocise
PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:51 pm 
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Genocise is a place drenched in every type of evil. It is the claimed promised land of the deity Melivar and home of his descendants, the Dy’ness family who rule the land with merciless tyranny. There are vast swathes of desolate land overrun by undead, rotting forests where Blighters ply their craft and, apart from the Capital Kyr’djrak, only small settlements where farmers seek to grow their crops and breed their cattle in incessant rain.

Current ruler(s): Verin Dy’ness (Emperor)

Population (approx.): 500,000

Capital: Kyr’djrak – the Black City

The Black City is the seat of power in Genocise, it is surrounded by a heavily guarded wall on three sides and the sea on the fourth. For centuries the city was occupied by a lich and filled with undead until the Dark Knights led by the then Overlord Verin Dy’ness reclaimed the city killing the lich and cleansing the city. The remnants of this period remain in the sewers that are infested with monstrous constructs.
The city is organised into Districts: Commercial, Residential and Royal, in the latter a monument to the deliverance of the Dark Knights has been placed in front of the Palace. The docks are constantly in the process of building ships for the Emperor’s war machine and cargo ships take second place to this process although under the influence of the Praetor more allowances have been made for trade and the importing of needed goods such as grain and cloth.


The land stretching south from Tendril to the sea is known as Genocise. A place of countless battles and unleashed evils, this land became a wasteland over the years, abandoned by men and deluged with ever-present rains. Genocise has been known to be a haven for gnolls, orcs, and far more exotic monstrosities but what has been less well known to date is that the cities and towns of old were never totally abandoned. A constant stream of criminals on the run, vagabonds, and other malcontents over the years have migrated to this land and made it their home. The land became cursed during the reign of King Rumly and never recovered from this evil king’s influence. It is a dreary rain-soaked place constantly covered by cloud. The curse of Genocise threatened even the neighbouring kingdom of Tendril resulting it that land being shrouded by protective mists for centuries.

Most importantly, it became the homeland of the Dark Knights and birthplace of the god Melivar.


Genocise is a dictatorship, it is governed by draconian laws and the penalty for breaking them is usually death or severe punishment. These laws change on the whim of the Emperor and the mood of the enforcing soldier. All citizens must be branded with the mark of Genocise and any found without such a brand are subject to immediate execution or torture and execution.
The Legion are the army and police force of Genocise.


The worship of Melivar is guarantee of acceptance into society. The Dy’ness family are the ruling force and beneath and around them is a layer of wealthy families and individuals seeking power and influence. There is no established court in the Palace where such people mingle but rather they gather in homes and the Temple to make alliances and strategies. Unlike other kingdoms, wealth is no guarantee of recognition.

Offically all citizens swear allegiance to the Dy’ness and through them to Melivar but there are other believers present in the Kingdom, notably Karissians and Drigenites but also some Raekhanites. It is possible that there are underground connections to Har’oloth but these are closely guarded and not easily accessible.

Slavery is commonplace particularly of gnolls and goblins but also of other humanoids who fall foul of the more powerful in Genocise.

Celebrations & Holidays

Every day is the Day of Melivar; attendance at the Temple and other places of worship is mandatory and monitored. The Emperor has recently instituted a national holiday to celebrate his restoration to the throne after punishment by Melivar for his failure. The Great Purge is a bloody celebration that spreads beyond Genocise to wherever followers of Melivar are found.

Locations of Note

The Temple of Melivar is found in the east of Genocise close to Mortuor the seat of the army and originally the home of the Dark Knights.

Mortuor is the ancient castle on the eastern cliffs that was the original home of Elvamir and his Dark Knights and their base of operations for years. It is now the home of the Legion.

The Blight Grove in the north of Genocise is the primary location for worship of Karissa after her Temple in the north of Etaria. It is the home of many Blighters and a place of teaching and practice.

Fort Harkness is the only large settlement outside Kyr’djrak, it is a breeding ground for young and new adventurers to hone their skills before facing the terrors of Genocise.

The Priminsulae Islands These were taken from the Sinestrath Empire by the Dark Knights at the command of Overlord Verin Dy’ness. They are ruled on his behalf by the army known as the Phalynx. The heirs to the Genocian throne, Alur and Avuna Dy’ness were raised there from an early age.

The Fallen Mount is a demon infested area accessible only at risk of death or worse. The former Dark Knight Kall the Terror rules a section of this mountain at the behest of Melivar.

Personas of Note

  • Estiana Dy’ness Empress of Genocise and Evil’s Cry, the first follower and disciple of Melivar when he rose as a god.
  • Alur Dy’ness Praetor of Genocise, heir to the throne of Genocise. The Praetor is responsible for governance of the economics and laws of the Empire, as well as being ambassador, and leader of the Auxillary Militia.
  • Avuna Dy’ness Legatus of the Legion, heir to the throne of Genocise. The Legatus has responsibility for training and leading the Legion of Genocise.
  • Aurelia Jadani Tribune of the Legion. The Tribune is second in command of the Legion.
  • Pandora Thaumaturge of Genocise. The Imperial advisor on science, magic and all rare and historical artefacts
  • Iaund de Vos Czar of Kyr’djrak. Responsible for the smooth running of the capital city of Genocise answering directly to the Praetor.
  • Tuscany Commander of the Phalynx. The leader of the army controlling and ruling the Priminsulae Islands.


The conquered Priminsulae Isles provides much of the food stuffs for Genocise as little grows in the rainy land. The Praetor has been encouraging other trade routes with Tyran and islands to the south.


The army of Genocise, the Legion, composes around a third of the population of the Empire. Every citizen of age is also a reservist to be called on in time of war or conquest. The army is based in the stronghold of Mortuor.


Genocise has no allies, no treaties. The Empire’s purpose is the of conquest the entire world and subjugation of I t to the rule of the Dy’ness family and worship of Melivar.

Further Reading about Genocise

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