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 Post subject: Re: Arsenia
PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:37 am 
While still possessed by the lich, in an attempt to maintain her sanity, Arsenia reconnected with her celestial as well as elvenside. She has regained fluency in both languages and has also reestablished physical ties with her celestial heritage with the return of Yithare and Azurwrath. However there was still a gap in the elven half. Drath was on his rite of maturity and Kalindra, although also half elf, was still coming to terms with who she was.

Tendril had gone through great upheaval during the war, but was almost totally restored. An elven king was chosen and rules in Maiden's Watch giving some hope to its sister city, Ath'bel'ya. Since the establishment of the elven city and king, more elves have been leaving the cities and returning to their roots.

So it was ironic, that her death at the hand of the Consul brought about her elven rebirth. During the meeting with Hoeder and Ithilwen, to discuss what to do about the Consul and south, Hoeder was going to gather a group of elves to assist with the gathering of information. The group however has gone beyond its original goal. It has become a group to promote Ath'bel'ya
as a viable city and restore the reputation of the elves.

Arsenia is a part of this group. Unlike Athkalta which had to be totally rebuilt in all ways, Ath'bel'ya needs to become more self efficient and reliant, less dependent on Maiden's Watch. Though her part in the potenial growth of Ath'bel'ya is much smaller than in the rebuilding of Athkalta, she feels the gap of her elven side closing.

Being accepted by and working with the elves has helped erased the pain of those she lost in Tendril and Gwaen. She conciders herself blessed to have two families, the Company and Hoeder's Group.

 Post subject: Re: Arsenia
PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:40 am 
Arsenia has been dealing with many major life changes.

After a long absence, Jaerik returned and they had a long discussion.
In the end he had decided she would not be Sapient, to replace Gideon who seemed to have gone into seclusion.

Bandeth and the moon associated with him, has reeked havok as the moon blew up causes huge firey pieces of it to land and cause mass fire and destruction. This action has caused Arsenia to relive the horrors of the Bertherak war.

The desvastation has called most of the Comany home,Azurwrath,Masamune and Yithare. Tariq, who she met at the summit she had called has become an auxilary member. His vast knowledge of medicine has greatly helped. The Company compound was turned into a field hospital to tend to the wounded of Athkalta.

Her personal life has taken a major turn with the return of Yithare. She has decided to take the risk and accepted his proposal of marriage. Whether or not there will be an actual ceremony, they are already wed in heart and spirit.

Soon she and most of Athkalta will be evactuating to the north. How long they will be away is uncertain. She prays that when they return both her own home and the Company compound will still be standing.

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