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 Post subject: Ang'riia Baenduis
PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:50 am 
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Character Name: Ang'riia Baenduis
Gender: Female
Race: Ilythiiri
Age: 120
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Valsharess

In her natural form, Ang'riia looks girlish, even sweet. She has waist-long silky white hair, unmarred ebony skin, long limbs and womanly curves. Her violet eyes hold a mystical spark. She can take other forms, however, and those aren't quite so sweet to behold...

Everything was ready. It was said that it was death to walk away from House and Queen, but Ang'riia had come to realize that she'd have to do at least one of those two to have a chance of ever getting out of this damned impasse. House Baenduis had fallen in every way but the official one: it was rife with weakness, infighting and corruption, and nothing of value had come out of it for a long time. The Houses of Har'oloth were predatory things, and it was a matter of ever shrinking time until Baenduis would be consumed by one of the more hungry Houses. And Ang'riia was not prepared to fall with this husk of a House.

So she had gathered her things, her poisons, had liberated her favourite spider from the basement, and was ready to go. And then everything changed. Talaste, a niece she had all but forgotten about, was named L'Ssivah. Although the priestess hadn't been seen within these walls for a very long time, it brought potential. One who was strong and determined enough to earn the Queen's favour would also make a good Ilharess. Talaste might be the only option Baenduis had if it wanted to reclaim its former glory.

So Ang'riia bided her time. She continued teaching the younger House members about poisons; how to safely obtain them and how to use them in the most effective way. Her calling was a rare one, but it was valued: very few had her bond with the dark world of Har'oloth, this dark mirror of the ancient druidic arts her people had once practised. She would give Talaste a month. If she hadn't reclaimed Baenduis by then, Ang'riia would leave and find her fortune elsewhere.

Fortunately, L'Ssivah arrived to take up the mantle of Ilharess no more than a week after the Queen's proclamation. Ang'riia was among the first to personally swear fealty to the new Ilharess. Talaste had been among the first Ang'riia taught in her arts, and she remembered the ill-tempered child fondly. There was too much boot-licking in Har'oloth, too much covertcy and backstabbing. It would just bring them down from the inside. People like Talaste, who took a more direct approach to furthering their Queen's will, were to be preferred. Ang'riia was glad of being given a second chance to stay true to her House. At least now, her rare talents would not be wasted on a shambling corpse.


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