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 Post subject: Jiar, the Ravenous
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:34 pm 
Caenyr Newcomer
Caenyr Newcomer

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Gamespy ID: AdmarWoC
Character Name: Jiar
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Dragon (Black)
Age: 315
Class: Blighter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Karissa

Jiar is a towering and luscious dragon figure; black of skin, muscular, and curvaceous. Ebony horns of her kind curl up from out of her long dark hair. Tattoos etch her body, accenting its many curves and glowing blue when the Blight is strongest in her; nearly always. Her eyes as well, almost always smeared with the Blight mist, sometimes tame but more often a furious mist.

I’ve mated with many over the years, beasts as me and mortal alike, but none so worth remembering as him; my Wretched.

Mmm ... never has there been a creature as ravenous as me save that one. I remember him well, and why shouldn’t I? We came up together on the Priminsulae Islands, in the same brood for the better part of two centuries. Our parents differed but we were kin none the less, both of Black heritage. Yet while some in the brood grew as brothers and sisters our relationship was not of the kind. Ours was a more intimate, more carnal arrangement. One based in a shared passion for evil arts and ruined ways. He studied the darker side of nature under the Bringer of Pain, whilst I practiced sorcery in the name of Lady Chaos. Pain and chaos, they guided our hands in all matters in those days. It’s not so different now. For me I know it and from what I hear of him it remains true as well. It’s not in our nature to change. We are deviant beasts, eternally.

When we weren’t entangled in our brutal lust or hunting prey through the forests we studied. We practiced. Our magic was powerful then; as powerful as our devotion and our desires. He was impressive, in both body and spirit. I had seen him bend ancient trees with as much ease as he bent me, night after night. Yessss... I crave that again. The challenge we posed each other was something I’ve yet to find since. These others are frail, weak, and lacking the will to break me as he once did; as he often did, and just as I did him. They say when dragon’s mate mountains tremble and forests quiver. Even as half-breeds we fought to crumble those mountains and tear down those forests. We nearly did a time or two, as I recall.

Everything changed when Isucar fell. Stripped of his magic, his God, his ways, my Wretched turned recluse. He fled the colony, to where I don’t know, but rumour of his sighting in the deep reaches of the forest surfaced from time to time; rumours that there he took to the studies of science in absence of magic. I journeyed there myself to see if the stories were true but never found any signs of him. So be it, I told myself. We were kindred spirits, but not lovers. My heart was not broken and my soul not drowned in sorrow, I only longed for the mate that trumped them all; the only one that could stand my equal in every way. I am dragon. I am the most Ravenous. It’s in my bones to horde things of great worth, and he was one of them.

I carried on with my life. I even helped defend the brood during the attack by Genocise. We managed to survive their assault by retreating to the high peeks even as the rest of the population was brought to their knees before the Overlord. My trials didn’t end there though. It wasn’t long after that when the pantheon itself waged war with themselves; my Goddess among the casualties. Like my mate before, I was stripped of all I was and knew; left questioning my purpose and my place in the world. A feeling of helplessness I wasn’t used to and despised with every fibre of my being. Yet, where one Goddess fell another had risen: Karissa.

It’s only in recent years that I finally took to the Dark Queen; at first blaming Her for the demise of Arynaesis but eventually realizing She and I had more in common than I ever did with Chaos. Her lust for all things mirrored my own, and so it is my lust has turned to Her. As Genocise crossed the shores so did followers of my newborn Goddess. I considered resuming the practice of sorcery under Her domains until I heard tale from some of them of a new magic... and the one who led Her effort to spread it across the world. They described this tall, monstrous, beast of legend; this black-skinned fiend who took to the corruption of nature and the defiling of others. They say he took a mate, the Queen’s most favoured; one his equal in talent and lechery. Blighter Lord, they called him, but I knew from their chronicles his true identity. He was all too familiar.

Now I, the Ravenous, have taken up the Blighter art and make my way across the Bitter Sea to Genocise. Its home to my conquerors but also to the one who’ll educate me; the one I’ve been yearning for all these years. We’ll be reunited soon, Admar... my Wretched.


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