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 Post subject: Lyrra
PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:36 am 
Caenyr Newcomer
Caenyr Newcomer

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Gamespy ID: AdmarWoC
Character Name: Lyrra
Gender: Female
Race: Vampyre (Human)
Age: 43 (appears in her late teens or early 20's)
Class: Blighter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Karissa

Lyrra appears a young and beautiful human woman, with very light and smooth skin in contrast to her midnight hair. It’s only when her true nature is revealed that you’ll see the black mist in her eyes and sharp Vampyre fangs in her mouth. The style of her clothing is always dark, minimal, and seductive but rarely accented with any jewellery. Her lips are always painted, stained, or soiled deep red as are sometimes her nails, and she chooses to paint her silvery eyes in dark makeup with elaborate designs. Those eyes, when she feeds to excess, shed tears of blood.

“How did you get these scars on your wrists?”

As if I’d tell him. Until now I was content to linger on the bed; relaxed and reveling in the aftermath of our lust. I yank my arm out of his grip, from where his lips were kissing my fingers, then slip out from under our soiled sheets. I stand from the bed to saunter nude across the room and fetch a drink from the vanity. I keep my back to him while pouring, certain its seductive arch to my perky backside will divert his thoughts.

You need not worry yourself over that. I’m sure there are other parts of my body you find much more interesting than my wrists, aren’t there?

I lean my head back as I drink the shot of liquor, letting my long black hair fall against pale flesh as further enticement.

“Oh yes! I think I’ve proven that already. It’s just that I only met you tonight and even though we... You know... You’re still a bit of a mystery to me. At least tell me where you’re from, Lyrra.”

Not far from here, in Farlifayne. Have you ever been?

I pour another drink, this one for him, and carry the glass back to the bed. My stride is full of purpose; slow and lascivious so his eyes have time to devour every swing of my hips and sway of my breasts. Eyes that drift to ogle my soft rear as it rest on the bed by his side. As a final gesture I cross my legs, sitting on the edge of the bed with one hand sliding over a thigh and the other offering him the glass. Nervous and excited he sits up and accepts it.

“Thank you. And no, I’ve not been but anyone living in Tendril has heard of it. I don’t get out much, to be honest.”

Well, you had me fooled. By the way you performed, handsome, I thought you a worldly man who must have bed women across Caenyr.

He laughs hard, and all I can think about is that vein popping out on his neck. I catch myself lost in a rapacious gaze and force the return of the enraptured young woman he thinks he’s snared; smiling like a nitwit.

“Hardly, but I appreciate the compliment. No, I’ve lived here in Maiden’s Watch all my life. Believe it or not, you’re only the second woman I’ve ever laid with. What about you? I imagine a steamy catch like you drew the attention of all the men in Farlifayne.”

Would you believe me if I told you I was actually the ugly bookworm that no one paid attention to except when they wanted to pick on her?

“No, I wouldn’t believe it. You read books?”

He laughed again and although I’m near ready to end my deception and tear his heart from his chest I’m having fun. So for now I’ll restrain myself to a playful slap on his leg and laugh along with him.

I do! I read many of them, and all the time. During my studies I was top of my class, I’ll have you know.

“Is that so? And what, miss smarts, did you study?”

He finally sipped his drink.

The Scholars call it Biology and Botany. It’s the study of living things, both mortal and plant.

As expected, he looks completely confounded. Why did I even bother explaining it? Finish him already, Lyrra. This is starting to get boring.

“Plants are alive? Sounds like some stupid books you read.”

With a chuckle he finishes his drink. Maybe I should shove the glass through his skull to cut through that tiny mind of his.

They’re alive as much as you and me, good looking. Even more so in some ways, you just can’t talk to them about it. Well, not everyone can.

“But you can?”

I want to bite that smug smirk off his face.

Some of them, the really nasty ones.

“You telling me you’re some kind of Druid?”

It’s my turn to laugh.

Oh no, Mother wouldn’t like that if I was.

Game over, darling, I’m bored now. My eyes mist over in Blight and with a shriek he tosses the glass from his hand and scurries back against the wall.

“You’re a Blighter!”

I slither up the bed on all fours, my body perched above his waist and my face only inches away from his.

Not just. Far more.

Finally, and with a snick I unsheathe my fangs and lunge into the neck I’ve been craving all this time. His heart races and the flow increases, pouring warm down my gullet to fill my stomach and revive my body. At first he struggles, pushing and clawing but then the embrace captures him; he stops resisting, his breathing calms and his heart slows. There is no greater ecstasy. During feeding I place one hand gently upon his cheek while the other slides beneath the pillow behind him; the pillow that conceals my dagger. I break the Vampyric kiss and raise my face to look at him again, dark red liquid pooled and pouring from my mouth and tearing from my eyes. Red: My favourite colour.

One thing I read back then is that the heart can survive on its own for a few seconds after being removed from the body. Let’s find out.

I shove the dagger in his abdomen and carve an opening for my hand in manner and location I know he’ll endure... for awhile. I reach through then up into his chest cavity to grab hold of his heart. I take pleasure in its appetizing pulse against my palm before ripping it out through the opening. Before he dies I make sure he sees it, blood oozing from the torn tubing.

Oh would you look at that! Tsk, tsk, I got it backwards. It’s you that still works for a few seconds, not the heart. You were right: Stupid books.

The last thing he sees before fading from this world is me smiling and biting into the organ. Mmm... Still warm and delectable.

You want a bite of this, Roman?

Still bent over the body on all fours I turn my head to look back at my companion as he emerges from the shadows. With blood-drenched maw I tease, my eyes darting to my still-propped backside. I give it a little wiggle.

Or are you hungry for something else?

I can tell he’s perturbed.

You wasted a perfectly good meal, Lyrra. And for what, your amusement?

Broody boy, keep calm. I can fetch another if you’re famished. There are plenty of easily aroused fools drinking themselves dumb downstairs in the tavern.

I turn around and crawl to the foot of the bed as my luscious red lips curve into an inviting smile.

Not mad at me, are you?

I wiggle again; a playful gesture certainly in contrast to the monstrous sight of my blood smeared face.

Aside Karissa, you are the only one who knows me. So you know I get angry at nothing. You simply confuse me at times. I suppose that is part of your appeal. The intrigue does draw me.

Then let it draw you to the bed. That poor sap left me longing.

He walks to me in what seems like gliding. How does he do that? I need to learn that trick. He’s always majestic and mysterious, my Roman. It never gets old. Not sure where or what I’d be had I not found another Vampyre to learn from, especially one as ancient and interesting.

A lone finger from his hand slides gently across my cheek, streaking through the crimson lather.

Shouldn’t we be leaving? It is still a week’s journey from here to the Grove. I thought you were excited to finally meet your idol, the Heteroclite?

Mmm... Savannah. Yes. This time the wiggle happens on its own, as it often does when I think of her. She's everything I want to be and more. My voice falls into a husk.

Oh yes, most certainly excited. Look forward to learning from her, and the Blighter Lord. But I imagine if she were here she’d agree there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun along the way, especially with Mother’s name on our lips while we’re having it. So come. If you hurry you’ll still taste fresh blood on my tongue.

I wink to bait him over but there’s no need. He’ll come, we’ll rut something wonderful, and tomorrow we’ll head south.


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