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 Post subject: Belethor Deathless
PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:58 pm 
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Caenyr Newcomer

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Gamespy ID: Snipes1302
Character Name: Belethor Deathless
Gender: Male
Race: Vampyre
Age: Around 2000 years old
Class: Undead Master
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Karissa

Deathless stands a tall 6'2", with a body type of a muscular human. He is tall and broad, built for strength. His skin tone is a black-grey, which contasts well against his snow white tattoos, as well as he possess white hair, no doubt both traits inherited from his Itheril mother. From his father comes his greed, lust for power, and sharp pointed canine teeth. All these traits are expected from the spawn of a Glabrezu demon and an Itheril mother. However, from his Queen and Vampyre blood he has acquired several other physical traits. His ice cold touch is that of a dead man. His most unique features however, is his left arm and his left rib cage. His arm is bare bones, which he chooses to conceal most of the time in order to remain discreet, but he knows it is a sign of power from Karissa and prides himself in the arm. His rib cage on his left side is also exposed, and in the bone is a carving in the Necromantic language that reads:
A word whispered with dread, with a meaning that fills most mortals with fear.
A being of legend, sung and spoken of in tales and myths.
Her foremost servant.
The most sinister of all undead.
The eternal, unliving one.

Both of these traits are inherited from Karissa herself, as physical evidence of being an Undead Master.

"My tale starts where most tales end....my tale starts with my death. Centuries ago, I was weak....nothing more than an orphaned child who had killed his mother in a lust for power. I killed countless, but never gained a thing....my quest for power did nothing but lead to dead ends.

I was lost...until an elf girl by the name of Mara'val. She enticed me...never had I lusted after a woman so much. She was beautiful, mysterious, and cunning.....I wanted what she was. I wanted her. I wanted. I lusted.

She promised me power beyond my wildest dreams. She promised me wealth. She promised me herself. Who was I to refuse? She took me to a man named Belithral. That's when it happened. That is when I died. That is when I became Deathless."

When he was turned by the Vampyre elf girl's master, he took up the name Deathless. He left all things behind, including his mortal name. But for everything he lost, he gained something greater. He was faster, stronger, and more in control than he had ever been. He had tasted power, but it was only the beginning.

Deathless continued down the path of a soulless Vampyre for countless years under Mor'tep. He served the God of Death and Unlife with every fiber of his undead being. With no soul and no emotion, Deathless serve as a warning to mortals in the name of Mor'tep. As for Deathless himself, he took pleasure in working alone and spreading fear.

It wasn't until the fall of Mor'tep that Deathless became truly powerful. With the rise of Karissa and the return of his soul, Deathless realized there was more to life than mindlessly killing and turning mortals. He became obsessed with not only power, but with the Undead. Since the Dark Queen's rise to power, Deathless has chosen to hide himself from the world, and study the Undead. He served his new Goddess more passionately than his previous God.

Everyday, Deathless gained more knowledge of the dead and his devotion to Karissa grew deeper and stronger. Eventually he would gain power over the undead and become an Undead Master.

In recent days, Deathless has been seen in and around Chail. His motives are unknown, but his presence is undeniable. Deathless has returned...and he has a purpose.

"I am ready my Queen. For too long have I remained in the shadows. It is time for me to fulfill my destiny. It is my time....it is our time."

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