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 Post subject: Allegra
PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:41 pm 
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Character Name: Allegra
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18
Class: Corrupter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Karissa

How does one describe a skinchanger, one who changes forms as another will change moods? She can be best described, perhaps, by describing the first form she took upon herself, the first she truly desired, for that form is the one you are most likely to meet.
She's a lithe, dainty creature, long blonde hair curtaining a heart-shaped face, full pink lips with a somewhat pouty cast to them. Her eyes are now blue, then grey, changing like a turbulent spring sky. Her body is beautiful in a way only women in first bloom can be beautiful, there's a certain innocence to the seductive curves, something sacred begging to be despoiled.
From time to time, when agitated or lustful, her eyes cloud over with a blighted mist, proving beyond doubt that any innocence you see in her, much like any form she chooses to take, is nothing but a mask.

"To my mother, the world was a simple place. There was the world in there, where people had beautiful names like Rudolpho or Allegra and where there was luxury and light, and there was the world down here, where Anna or Mia would suffice and bathing was reserved for special occasions. They were nobility, we were servants. It was an orderly world, and to one who never questioned their place, it was a fine world to live in.

My mother, the aforementioned Anna, was gamekeeper to the castle. It is a rather uncommon job for a woman, but her 'green thumbs' and her way with animals had convinced the lord of the castle, Rudolpho, that she would be able to do it well. We lived in a small cottage within the woods, where my mother kept a small garden of medicinal herbs and a shrine to the Earth Mother in a shaded grove. I grew up as a child of nature, not a care in the world, playing with the animals and tending to the flowers. For a decade or so, I couldn't have been happier.

But as those things go, I changed. It began with a crisis of faith, not uncommon when children start to think for themselves. My mother was strongly devoted to Ath'endal'lynn, not just to her domain of Nature, but to her other aspects as well - honesty, balance, respect. She was wont to point out those aspects where she saw them: trees growing taller to respect the brush growing beneath them, animals acting in natural and honest ways that never belied what they truly wanted, the foxes thriving when the hares did, and starving when they ate too many to preserve the natural balance in their numbers. But she watched the world around her with the eyes of someone so devoted to her beliefs that she could not see otherwise.

I did. I saw the creeper vines that smothered the blood-red roses that covered the side of our cottage, until the flowers I loved so much withered and died. I saw cuckoos dumping their eggs in blackbirds' nests, throwing out the other's budding children to make place for their own. Even in the eyes on the wings of a butterfly I saw the negation of what my mother taught me, for what are they if not deception? And if the natural world is unfair and unbalanced, the world of humans is so too, in a much deeper and cruel way.

I contemplated giving my faith to Verinia, for I understood beauty and the desire to fill the world with it. I thought I knew love, as well, for what else did my mother give me, and what else could I feel for her? There was much talk of love when Rudolpho's eldest son, Eduardo, was to marry a beautiful young lady from another province, Allegra. She rode to the castle on a lovely silver mare, and when she threw back the cowl of her deep azure cloak, her hair outshone the summer sun. Eduardo gave her a look of pure delight, his chestnut hair wavy and shiny, and as he helped her off her horse, the two of them made a picture that was so perfect it made me ache inside.

Jealousy is not unlike the creeper vines that killed my roses. It takes root deep in one's heart, and unless culled with diligence and precision, it is impossible to remove. I never sought to remove it. It was the first strong emotion I felt, and the misery it brought me was so sweet that I allowed it to overwhelm me, the green talons of envy enveloping my being.

Watching those two people, not so much older than I was, with all their luxury and beauty and leisure, became a consuming passion to me. I pictured a world in which I was the beautiful young noblewoman with violets in her hair, whose voice was so sweet that it made the birds stop singing. I wondered what buttered white bread with honey tasted like, and imagined Eduardo placing it on my lips. I might have known a little about love, but in those months, I quickly learned what it means to lust.

More and more, I yearned to break out of the place my birth had given me and to claim a part of that lustrous joy kept out of my reach. My heart leapt when I heard that Eduardo's younger brother, Philippo, would soon be returning from an extended stay with his uncle and aunt. He would fall in love with me, and lift me up to those heights. He would be my stepping stone to joy and indulgence.

But Philippo was not what I imagined him to be. Although two years younger than his brother, he was both taller and wider in the shoulders, and there was a hint of malice to the persistent grin on his lips. One night, my mother warned me about him. She would not say the words out loud, but she told me that if he asked me anything, the best thing to do would be to stay quiet and comply. We were, after all, commoners.

Something in Eduardo and Allegra seemed to change after Philippo came home. Eduardo was often angry, and a reddening of his cheeks hinted at him drinking too much. Allegra kept to her rooms, staring out of the windows wistfully. I hated her for that; if you had so much, how could you even dare to be unhappy?

In my confusion, I sought guidance. My mother was a kind woman, but simple and unambitious. The priest of Tyllar that lives in the castle was an old drunk that had no idea what he was talking about. It was faith I needed, and no one would give that to me except for myself. So I sought it, alone in the woods at night, on a hill overlooking the castle. I sat there, nurturing my jealousy, craving to be part of a world that is rich and beautiful and full of pleasure. On those nights, I furtively began to whisper Karissa's name. My vices would not displease her - on the contrary, she seemed to be all about lust and manipulation and sating one's desires. Slowly but certainly, I began to feel affirmed by my prayers. The woods seemed just a little bit darker when I looked around.

The longer we live, the more we learn to pretend. We pretend to want to do good, we pretend to wish for justice, for balance, for true and innocent love. We seek to cage the animal within us, the primal force that wants to devour, that rages with desire, with jealousy, with lust. We try to deny the part of us that is most fully and truly us. I am neither honest nor respectful. I do not care for the weak, and if I do something righteous, I do so because it pleases me. I am no moral creature, and if you claim to be one, I implore you to look within yourself and recognize the lie.

One night, I was startled by the crawling legs of a thumb-length black beetle that, upon closer inspection, turned out to have three eyes. An aberrant, an individual that was different from the rest of its species. I decided to find it beautiful, and to embrace the Otherness that is Karissa.

My life changed on one fateful evening. I was home alone, my mother was gathering mushrooms and she sometimes stayed in the woods at night when she did so. Late summer nights seemed to ask for that. The night was balmy, and I was sitting in our room mending some clothes with the doors and windows open. I was humming softly to myself, no doubt lost in some fantasy, and I didn't notice Philippo there until I felt his callused hand on my shoulder. "So you're the gamekeeper's little strumpet. Not much to look at." I turned around, speechless. There was something about the noble boy that attracted me - the cast of his features, perhaps, or the glint in his eyes. He scared me, but that same fear drew me to him. For a moment, I thought I could hear a cold feminine voice chuckling in my ears. I stood up. He nodded toward the bed in the corner of the room.

There was pain that night, anger, disillusion, and despite all that, my first experience of physical lust. I knew he would be back, and spent the next days in an odd mix of fear and desire. And he did come back. To him, I was a cheap and simple toy, something to play around with while it was fun and to discard afterwards. I learned to enjoy that game myself, but to my dismay, it seemed that the more I found pleasure in my hours with him, the less he enjoyed them. He treated me more roughly, hit my sometimes, and in the end he simply stopped coming.

I was angry and I felt betrayed. He had probably found some other girl he enjoyed more. I wasn't pretty enough for one such as him. But bit by bit, I started to understand what was really happening. Servants whispered; servants understood. I began to understand Eduardo's anger, and Allegra's sad and fearful eyes. To think that such a thing would happen under the noble roof of a castle, and that a high born and beautiful young man like Eduardo did not have the guts to stand up to it...

It was winter, and dry lightning made the sky crackle. A knock on our door. He had never knocked before. I had not seen Philippo in months, and when he entered our house, he did so in a storm of fury. My mother took one look at him and left, knowing when to make herself scarce. He threw me on the bed. I remember being angry that I was no more than a toy to him, to discard as he pleased. I was jealous because he had so much and could not be happy with it. There was a charge of something odd in that night, and as events unfolded, I decided that I'd had my fill. I'd break out of this cycle of servitude and take my fate into my own hands. And there would be no running away - instead, I would take what I wanted from those who had withheld it from me for such a long time.

I drew Philippo close to me and forced his lips onto mine. He smelled of sour wine and anger, but I kissed him nonetheless, trying to feel what it was that made me so different from those such as him. In that kiss, I concentrated all of my lust to be more than I appeared to be, to be rich and beautiful and happy. The kiss was a prayer to the dark Goddess who had wrapped her tendrils around my heart, along with all my voices. I greedily drew Philippo's essence, and when I let go, I felt that he had fainted. I felt dizzy myself, steadied myself against the wall, and noticed the rough skin on my hands, the hair on my arms, the big and unwieldy body I wore. I laughed as thunder rumbled outside. For so long, I had craved to be like them. This was the reward I had gotten.

I slipped into his clothes and made my way to the castle. Rain began to fall, matting my dark and heavy hair, soaking me to the skin. The unfamiliar sensations of Philippo's body filled me with an unexpected surge of desire. No one questioned me as I walked through the main doors. I knew the way to Allegra's rooms perfectly, even if I'd never been there before. When I opened the door to her chambers, I saw her recoil in fear, her misty eyes clouding over with tears. I walked over to her and put my hand on her swollen belly. "How is my little prince coming along?" I murmured darkly. She confirmed the truth of the rumours with a sad sob. I smiled, imagining how her silky skin would feel under my hands, what it would be like to defile a creature of such divine preciousness.

I leaned in and kissed her, with the same intensity with which I had kissed Philippo earlier, and when I let go, I could feel how Philippo's big, heavy clothes were hanging from my lithe, angelic frame. I shed them and wondered at the beauty of my new body - devoid, strangely, of the swelling of pregnancy. Quickly, I opened Allegra's wardrobe and chose the most beautiful, expensive looking dress I could see, and slipped it on. The azure cloak she had worn when she arrived here was there as well, I put it on and hid my beautiful golden hair within its cowl. I stuffed a bag with four more dresses, figuring I might as well make the most of it.

Allegra was moaning softly, starting to recover from her stupor. I'd have to hurry. A stableboy was quick to saddle Allegra's mare, and I rode off into the lightning storm. No questions asked. Simple servants know better than to question the antics of the nobility. As I rode off, I felt the satisfaction of having finally taken control of my own life, and in such a spectacular way! I would have to go far away now, and I'd need to find a means to obtain the riches that should come with my new beauty, but that would not be hard.

I embrace the darkness of my soul, my Queen. I am Your Corrupter, and I will never again seek to rein in the lust that makes me whole.


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