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 Post subject: Ecaterina Belithral
PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:37 pm 
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GSID: Shadowdemon_86
Character name: Ecaterina Belithral
Gender: Female
Race: Vampyre (elven)
Age: 2600 years
Class: Sadist
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Karissa

Ecaterina has something of a cold, exotic beauty. She has fair porcelain skin, long white hair and briliant ice-blue eyes. Regardless, Ecaterina always has a dignified poise, and the form of natural charisma that is born, not made.
She usually dresses in a finely tailored suit, but her wardrobe is large and varies according to the occasion.

Ecaterina cannot remember her real name, neither her first name or the name of her family. To her eyes, though, it does not matter. The girl given that name is long dead, and she has a new family.
Ecaterina was born in a small elven village somewhere in Tendril, of which o trace remains. It was to all accounts a perfectly ordinary village of perfectly ordinary people. Huntsmen, woodcrafters, farmers, there were no great heroes, no mighty mages or ancient prophecies.
Such thing did not matter to House Belithral, who attacked the village one dark night. The men were slain, the women taken to be fed upon, turned or worse. Ecaterina was a small child at that point and had hidden in a cellar, thus avoiding the intial burst of the attack. However, she exited the shelter and was found by one of Belithral's retainers. Lord Belithral, the pureblood of the house, deemed the elven girl too small to make a meal and too young to turn. Yet, he could not let her run, for that would warn the surrounding village of the warband. As such, he transformed Ecaterina to a dhampyr instead and ordered the girl to be brought along. If she would prove useful, lord Belithral mused, she could be turned one day. Otherwise, she would be food for the fledgelings.

She was given a new name, Ecaterina, and brought up in the domains of House Belithral, in the darkest depths of the forest where not even other elves dared to venture. She proved to have an aptitude for walking unseen, and being brought up among a family of soulless killers soon wed out any compassion or weakness that she might had possessed before.
At a point, Lord Belithral decided that Ecaterina might serve the house best as an assassin, but he harbored doubts that she was truly loyal enough to be turned. As such, he gave the young elf a simple task, a mark to be eliminated, an elven family living close to the border of the Belithral domain.
They would offer little resistance and was a fitting test.
Secretly, though, the vampyre lord sent one of his most senior assassins to shadow Ecaterina. If at any time the girl hesitated, showed mercy or tried to escape, the assassin was ordered to kill her.
Lord Belithral needn't had worried, for Ecaterina performed her task well, slaying the family without so much of a hint of remorse and the diligently returning back.
She was ready.

The following night, lord Belithral turned Ecaterina into a vampyre, and granted her the family name of the house, which he know felt that she had earned in full. Whatever rests of humanity there had existed within the elven girl was wiped away, that which remained was a bringer of death, devoted to Mor'tep and devoid of compassion for her victims.
Ecaterina proved to have another useful talent, she was something of a social chameleon. With comparably little effort she could understand the customs and culture of a society in which she spent a few days. That made her a perfect assassin, being able infiltrate and hide even in foreign places.
Having much freedom to do as she desired, Ecaterina kept to the cities. Sometimes her works of murder were simple business transactions, killing someone in exchange for gold and silver. Other times, she simply struck to remind mortals of the fragility of their existence and the constant presence of death, just as decreed by her god. Whether high or low, she struck without distinction, for any trappings of station, she reasoned, was pointless in the face of death. Eventually, she would move on, to new places and new victims. All the while she cultivated a fascade as a pleasant and distinguished woman. She enjoyed music, arts, good food and wine. She cared for the less well-off and was often a noble lady from some far-off place. Most people grew to like her, and no one ever suspected such a nice young lady of any murders that regrettably happened.
Ecaterina always took care to remain fed, preying on the less fortunate people that no one would miss.

Two thousand years of practice gave Ecaterina much experience in how to infiltrate and manipulate. She was content with her place, content with her role as a soulless predator of death, striking without emotion.
Then, things changed.
When Mor'tep was cast down and Karissa ascended, every vampyre received their soul back. With the soul came certain emotions that had long been gone. Ecaterina wandered for a time, having difficulties to determine what should become of her. Before, she had only served as a constant reminder of death, every killing had been part of a divine purpose, a task in honour to her god. But Karissa demanded no such things as Mor'tep had done, her domains were manipulation, undeath and lust. And there was Ecaterina's own desires, which had been submerged for so long. She saw a future where she was something more than a soulless weapon, but a person of her own.
Existing not to satisfy some eternal reminder of death, but to manipulate, corrupt and satisfy her own desires.
Ecaterina was a good student of her new religion, proceeding much as she had done before but now with a purpose. The first few years were a chaotic mess, consisting mainly of feeding and satisfying many of the desires that she had denied over the centuries. Then, she learned a hard lesson, that those desires are worth nothing unless a little bit of self-control was maintained.
And so, taking up her old persona, she returned to Etaria. Wherever she went, Ecaterina infiltrated, providing her services as an assassin while maintaining her fascade. She twisted people with that disguise, seducing them, luring them into giving in to whatever desires they held themselves.
Men or women, it did not matter, Ecaterina viewed such distinctions as born from civilization built upon self-denial. She was unnatural, she did not deny herself, so she needed to respect no taboos. Of course, the outward face was another story.

At this day, she has adapted well. She no longer kills to satisfy a soulless reminder of death, but to bring pleasure to herself and her goddess. She corrupts to make others feel the joy of being without any bonds to civilization. Through it all, she keeps up that friendly face, smiles, and people see something else instead of the beast within.

No man knows till he has suffered from the night,
how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be.
Ecaterina's theme song

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