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 Post subject: Gorgorath
PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:32 pm 
Caenyr Land Owner
Caenyr Land Owner

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Gamespy ID: Thrasher Dreadlock
Character Name: Gorgorath
Gender: M
Race: Ga'h'tarr (High Orc)
Age: 20
Class: Blighter
Alignment: NE
Deity: Karissa

• 7’ tall
• Brownish-green skin with black tattoos (tribal markings)
• Black Hair – kept short and well groomed, long sideburns also kept short and well groomed, but no other facial hair.
• Teeth are white and clean
• Walks tall and regal, almost arrogant in his gait



A hulking figure trudges through the swamps, each step a struggle as he sinks to his knees in the mire and muck which only helped to sour his attitude all the more.

It should have been me, I am the eldest, I am the first born, but no.

Sethena chose to give my hated brother the white hair, the grenkak given to such as he, a weakling, a runt. The leadership of the Dramar given to him because of the white hair. 16 years and he leads, he knows nothing, I should have killed the Blork when he was new. I should have killed him before I left.
Now I’m here in this cursed swamp, all because of the vravraka. In the vision I left the mountains, going south to a great swamp. At its heart a Duneghul of stone, and inside I will find the means to destroy my brother and take back the Dramar. I know it’s near. I can feel it.

It took days to find, but eventually he came to firmer ground, and then the ruined structure of his visions. He pushed past the heavy door and walked the empty hall. The vravraka did not show what would happen next, and so he waited and paced.

Why have you come here?, said a sultry voice.

You tell me, he replied.

Ok, I’ll play. You are here because you want revenge on your clan, and want your brother dead. Revenge is not really my game, but your brother … What if I told you, you could destroy your brother by using his gift from Sethena against him. That in turn would cause your Dramar to turn against him, opening the way for you to take over.

Yes, that is what I want, why I have come. What must I give in return for you to do this for me?

Oh my dear Ga'h'tarr, I am not going to do that, you are. This is about what you want; I will simply provide you the path to achieve it.

What do you want in return for providing me this path?

That’s simple, you must renounce Sethena, and accept me as your goddess. You must do as you’re told, and take my gift to you, to your Dramar, and undo her gifts to them.

Are you Muvuul?

You will call me Karissa.

That is all I have to do, and you will give me the power to destroy my brother and take revenge on my Dramar? Then I accept, I renounce Sethena, and accept you, Karissa as my goddess. Now give me the power.


I don’t feel any different, how do I know you will do what you say?

Oh, but you do, you will. But first, you must learn to use that power. You will continue south to Genoise. Once there you will find the Blighted Grove. You will wait for your master there. Do not leave, they will find you, they will teach you. If you leave before your master arrives, I will take from you what you have been given.

With that the hall fell silent, so he left and followed his task to the southern kingdom.


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