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 Post subject: Estelle
PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:22 pm 
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Caenyr Newcomer
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Gamespy ID: NoRegrets
Character Name: Estelle
Gender: Female
Race: Vampyre
Age: 18
Class: Ruined Minstrel
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Karissa

Well hello there.
Who... who are you? Where am I?
I could ask you the same. In fact, I will.
But I'm not sure. No, I am. I am Estelle. It means 'star'. My mother named me that, hoping it would lift the curse of my birth. She was a prostitute, you see, making me worse than a bastage. But I do not know where I am.
Perhaps you should look around you.
I can see, but I do not know what I see. It's like a dream. Am I dreaming?
You can call it that, if you wish. Try to remember a bit more.
It is difficult. The memories seem to be out of reach. I can't... No, I can go back. There. A summer day. My mother takes me to town to buy a new dress. Blue linen, it matches my eyes. She says my hair looks so lovely in the sunlight. Like my father's, I assume, because hers is black where mine is golden. She tells me I am to meet someone tonight.
David. You remember that night.
Yes, I do... He is five years older than me, a head taller. His eyes are deep pools of dark brown that a girl can drown in. He asks me to marry him. For a few hours, I am floating on a cloud in my personal heaven. Mother is so happy. She always hoped that my beauty would be enough to find a good match for me, and the banker's son is more than that. She won't have to worry about dying poor any more. I don't worry about any of that. He's one of the most handsome men in town. Nothing could make it better.
Did you sing for him?
No, not that night. Mother was afraid he'd think I was trying to sell myself, much like she did when she was younger. I promised him I would, though. Everyone knew that my voice was quite lovely, and I wished nothing more than to please David.
The wedding. Tell me about it.
Well, what should I say? David's mother took me on a trip to the city, and she had a posh seamstress make me the prettiest dress I could ever have dreamed of. Pure white, with lace and embroidery, and a net of precious seed pearls for my hair. In that mirror, I saw divinity. I believed for the first time that mother chose my name correctly. We rode back to town, and David's mother said we would be married a month from then. I counted the days, and spent my nights looking forward to being in his arms.
You're stalling. Tell me what happened.
Gavin is what happened. He... Who are you? What are you doing to me?
Who do you want me to be? Go on. Tell me about Gavin.
He... he was of noble blood. He travelled through our town, and saw me singing in the tavern. He said to my mother that I had taken his heart prisoner that very moment, and that he wouldn't leave town without me.
But you were promised to David. Didn't you love him?
I thought I did... But Gavin was beautiful as well, forest green eyes and long rusty red hair, very special. Perhaps I wasn't in love with either of them, only with the idea of being in love. In love with my own reflection. In any case, I didn't get much of a choice. My mother has always been a sucker for money. Gavin had more to offer, so I would be his.
And David?
He was disappointed, of course. He told me so. But he also said that he loved me and he wished for me to be happy. I felt so guilty. He asked me if I would come sing for him after all. I could not default on my promise. So I went there the next evening, without telling my mom. David was waiting for me, with his parents. They gave me the most wonderful dinner, and then his mother told me to come with her. In her room, my wedding dress stood waiting on a clothing dummy. I cried when I saw how beautiful it was. You can take it, she said. Just do us the favour of trying it on tonight, so we can at least see what we missed.
You didn't suspect a thing. Poor little goose.
No, I did not. I was raised in a world where my mother was just about the worst thing that existed!
Did you sing for them?
Yes I did. Like a nightingale, a sad song and a happy song and another sad song.
And then?
I sang.
I cried.
I bled.
I died.
I need details! What did they do to you?
David walked around me as I sang. I thought he was admiring my dress. Then, he slung his arm around my neck, choking me. If I can't have you, he said, then he won't have you either. That song was the last you'll ever sing.
And then he killed you.
He didn't mean to, I think. He wanted to destroy my voice. But I struggled, and the knife cut deeper than he meant it to. There was so much blood. I looked at him when I died. Those deep pools of brown a girl could drown in suddenly seemed crimson to me. How could he hate me so much? No, it wasn't even me he hated. He hated the entire world then, I could see it in him.
So where are you, Estelle?
I'm dead, and this is the afterlife. But that doesn't explain to me who you are, or why you're talking to me.
Tell me, were you a religious girl?
Not really, to tell you the truth. I said my prayers when they were expected of me, but I never thought much of the gods.
Still, it is one of them that can send you back now. Give you another chance. Punish the ones who wronged you.
I don't care about punishment. I would like to live again, though. I was so looking forward to what was to come.
No, not that. It was an illusion. But I could have so much, if I just used my beauty and my voice as my weapons. Mastery. A hint of my mother's trade, perhaps, with none of the humiliation and all of the manipulation.
-a cold chuckle-
Who are you, really? Who sent you?
I think you know the answer. There is only One who will not accept the finality of death.
Karissa. Her name is whispered in dark alcoves, in heated dreams, in shameful places. So many yearn for her power, and so few dare to admit it even to themselves. I will admit it now, since I'm dead anyway. I yearn for a life of lust and manipulation.
And you can have it, if you serve Her well. When you wake up, only minutes will have passed. You'll get to watch most of the aftermath of your murder.
They'll be so stunned to see I'm not dead... Well, technically I will be, I assume? But that's no limit to Karissa's power.
Indeed, it is not. I will let you go, but not before you accept a little present from my part. A token, a... reminder. Feel your neck.
The blood... the blood is retracting back into the wound. It is healing, healing so quickly. But... Oh, I can feel the scar tissue tearing at me, a thick, long scar right where the knife cut me. I will be disfigured!
Think of it as an adornment. Hide it, if you want, or wear it with pride. You are one of Hers now.
I... see. I will still be able to sing. This is my own little piece of the unnatural, for how can a sweet voice like mine rise from a broken throat?
The enigma of the Ruined Minstrel, and it is yours to bear now, Estelle. Make that curse your blessing. Go now. You will be hungry when you wake up.

The next morning, three bodies drained of blood and covered in bite marks were discovered in the banker's mansion. No one ever saw a sign of Estelle again.

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