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 Post subject: Imperius King
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:16 pm 
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Name: Imperius King
Gender Male
Race: Half-Celestial (Ghaele)
Age: 28
Class: Sacred Avenger and Justicar
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Tyllar (with some reverence to Shavista and Jaerik)

Much like his celestial father, Imperius is large for a human, and hold a bright white hue to his hair; his eyes glowing with a blue, passionate light. His muscles are defined from the countless hours of training he's endured. His skin resembles that of his human mother's, a tanned tint that seems almost flawless. He has a warm and inviting aura about him, and will seek to help all who deserve it.

"Sir Imperius," a squire calls out tentatively during training, "some of the other squires have been talking and spreading rumors. Some say you feel from the sky!" At this moment the squire loses his balance and falls to the stone floor of Tyllar's Temple in Maleneska.

Imperius laughs as he walks over and helps the boy to his feet. "Well let me assure you, I did not fall from the sky." Imperius takes a moment to show the boy how to hold his sword properly before allowing him to continue training.

"Sir Imperius, if you don't mind me asking, what is your story?" The boy looks almost embarrassed as he asks this.

With a smile, Imperius approaches the boy and draws out his rapier. "If you can land a solid blow on me, I will tell you my story."

With eagerness the squire lungs at Imperius, but before his very eyes Imperius disappears. The boy looks around to find Imperius behind him. Again he lungs, this time taking more careful aim. Again, Imperius disappears before his eyes. This went on for what seemed like an hour before the boy finally gave up. "Alright! You win. Your secret is yours to keep." The boy throws down his sword in disappointment and takes a seat.

"I'll tell you what, I will give you a second chance. I will tell you my story if you answer a simple question." Imperius picks up the boy's sword as he speaks. "What is courage?"

The boy smiled, "To have courage is to not be afraid! Like you!" The boy's face beamed. He just knows he got the answer correct.

Imperious shakes his head, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the acquired ability to move beyond it." The boy frowns, he realizes he just lost his second chance at learning more about Imperius. Imperius looks down at him, "My story begins some 20 years back. I was only a child."

The boy looks up at him, "But.....I didn't.....I mean...."

Imperius puts up his hand with a smile, "Do you want to hear the story or not?" The boy goes silent and Imperious continues. "Like you I never knew my father. My mother raise me single handedly and I loved her for it. She was always there for me and she was the one that lead me to Tyllar. She was a Justicar."

"You mean like you?!" The boy's hands shoot over his mouth, embarrassed.

With a chuckle, Imperius replies "Yes. I was he apprentice from a very young age. I excelled with my rapier and with my mother, we prayed every day over our weapons. She taught me that only my Tyllar's will we possessed our great abilities with blades.

The older I got the better I became with my rapier. I got to the point where I was almost a match for my mother. I still remember how proud she was the first time I landed a blow on her.

But one night, while my mother and I were asleep, a hooded man came into our home. He took me hostage and my mother tried to save me."
A sad look sweeps over Imperious' face. "She dies trying to protect me. After the man killed her, he fled. I rush to her body and sob, crying out to Tyllar for help. Then, I heard a voice. It said:

Your faith is your strength, your will is your cutting edge. Your sword breaks only when your heart strays from me. Your wisdom comes from your swing. The innocent will love you. The guilty will fear you. You carry justice in your hands, wisdom in your heart... Your heart will guide the land out of chaos, as all eyes will come to you for the answer. "

"Is that when you became a Justicar?!" Again an embarrassed look rushed over his face.

"No, but that was the start of my journey. After I buried my mother, I went to the temple and became a squire, much like you. After years of training, falling to my knees in prayer, pursuing evil, and delivering justice I became a Justicar. Lord Tyllar saw value in my swordsmanship and blessed me with greater abilities. I still pray to him constantly; giving him thanks for all he has done for me. I have devoted my life to him, and one day, if you choose to, you may follow the same path as I do." Finishing his story, Imperius gave the boy back the sword he had thrown on the ground. "Now, I am sure you are eager to go tell the other squires my story, so we will be done with training for today."

With a large grin, the boy ran off.

The thing about Imperious' story is that it was only half true. What Imperious did not tell the squire is how he also had become a Sacred Avenger; a little known sect of Tyllar's followers who are tasked by their god to bring a swift end to the enemies of goodness. After proving himself to a be a noble and trusted Justicar, the church sought out Imperius and made him an offer. With the blessing of Tyllar, Imperius accepted his role as a Scared Avenger.

By day, Imperius stand for all to see. A image of goodness, fairness, and justice. But by night and from within the shadows, he hunts down the enemies of the church and protects Tyllar's followers from the most sinister of evils.

~Azurwrath's Theme Song~


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