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 Post subject: Edward Ashworth
PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:14 pm 
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Character Name: Edward Ashworth

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Human(Half Human, quarter Elf, quarter Demon more info in bio.)

Age: 56

Class: Avatar of Light/Rogue

Alignment: Lawful Good

Deity: Tyllar

Description: A tall(6’6’’- 198cm) toned figure stands before you, when his frame is not hidden beneath armour it is clear that he does a great amount of physical activity and the way he holds himself suggests much of that is in combat.

His face is very classically handsome, a mix between the sharp lines of Elven features including pointed ears and the more rugged Human features betraying a mixed lineage. Yet other features suggest that the lineage is even more diverse, his eyes are purist black with no iris, pupil or any other feature visible in the endless black. This causes his eyes to display no emotion at all, unnerving many and captivating others.

When visible his skin is tanned from frequent weathering and exposure to sometimes hostile conditions however it seems to be in pretty good condition, showing he heals quickly and always wears strong protective armour. On the topside of each forearm he has a tattooed symbol, the one on the left arm the Elven word for Courage and the one on his right the Elven word for Justice. His fingernails and toenails are all black, at a glance you’d think they were painted but on closer inspection you could recognise that they are naturally that colour. On his back at the pinnacle of his shoulder blades the skin is blackened and scaled, surrounded by countless greyish black veins.

His voice is deep and soothing and seems to lack an accent though some of the ways he pronounces words and phrases sounds a little, old fashioned to modern speech or younger ears.


Forty eight years ago...
Clouds drifted across the starry night sky as the full moon blazoned down from between them, the structure that sat atop it looking more like some kind of castle or fortress than the school it really was. Children of various ages could be seen ahead moving across the courtyard just inside the entrance archway, the younger ones struggling against the wind that attempted to propel them from their feet as they made their way to night time lessons and training sessions. Symbols of Tyllar that decorated the walls and gates clearly dictated that this building was dedicated to Tyllar, a monastery where young followers of the God of Justice were trained.

A woman in simple dark brown dress struggled to make her way across the long stone bridge that crossed from the main gates to the entrance of the monastery, fighting her way through the wind with clear determination and paying little attention to the dress becoming tangled around her legs or the hood from her cloak being blown into her face. The small sheer sided hill the monastery sat atop towered over the town below, though it was only a few hundred metres above the route to get there took at least an hour to navigate even for those on horseback; this lady had walked for at least twice that up steep and slippery roads to reach the top.

Crossing the courtyard she neared the great entrance doors, a large man in gleaming armour bowed to her and came to meet her and offer her his arm to help her up the last dozen steps and opening the large double doors to welcome her across the threshold before following her inside. Disentangling the hood and her long blonde hair from her eyes she looked him over appraisingly, she knew this was no ordinary knight, he must be an Avatar of Light. Most likely one still in training who was taking his turn in guard duty in-between tasks for his instructors, she calculated. Still she offered him a friendly smile and her tone was respectful and kind as she spoke.

’Thank you Sir. The wind really does get ferocious up here, doesn’t it? And I thought it was bad in the town below, still it is far better than the rain we had last month, don’t you think?’

’Yes maam. Guard duty in the torrential rain was very unpleasant, you can’t imagine the headaches you get from rain constantly pounding upon your helmet for hours on end. What brings you to us today Madam Elisa?’, his helmeted head tilted to the side. She was sure there was a curious expression beneath it, but it seemed that this young Paladin was so used to wearing full armour that he forgot his expressions couldn’t be seen unless he removed the helmet.

’Ah good, you know who I am then? I have an appointment with Master of your order, Priest Jeffrey.’, she smiled again, though inside her mind apprehension that had been temporarily banished by the battle with the wind was beginning to bloom once more.

’Of course, forgive me, Master Jeffrey mentioned this morning that he would have a visitor but it completely slipped my mind. If you’ll excuse me a moment, I shall fetch the Chief Steward to escort you.’, after she gave him a gentle nod he bowed once more and turned to disappear through a nearby doorway.

Elisa scanned the large entry hall slowly, it had to have been nearly fifteen years since she last entered the monastery but it had hardly changed. A young female squire crossed the hall trailing close behind a finely dressed man who had a sword hanging from his belt. They both gave her a respectful nod without breaking from their path or from the lecture the man was giving to the young girl, she returned this nod before turning her gaze to the huge central staircase. Mind frantically whirring, trying to organise her thoughts and construct the arguments she might need; more than one life might hang in the balance if she failed.

’A-hem.’, came a gentle cough from behind her. So absorbed in thought had she been that both the young Paladin and the Steward had returned without her noticing.

’Oh I’m sorry.’, she turned around to face them.

’I was lost in thought.’, the Steward nodded and the Knight bowed.

’Mister Franks will take care of you now Madam Elisa, I must return to guard duty. It was nice meeting you, however briefly.’, she smiled and inclined her head to him.

’ Thank you for your help Sir.’, she watched the armour clad figure pass through the heavy doors before turning her attention to the Steward. Her smile faltering slightly seeing rather cold look upon the man’s face, he had the type of face that seemed to always be in a frown causing her to wonder what it would look like on the rare occasions he did attempt to smile.

’This way Madam, if you please.’, without waiting to even notice her nod of consent he turned and set off towards the grand staircase where she dutifully followed.

The silence of the stone walls seemed to press in on her as they made their way through the complex of corridors, archways and a couple more stair cases to the Master’s study. In the distance she could catch sounds wafting their way from classrooms, training halls and the ring of steel carrying from the grounds outside. Elisa was unsure how many trainees were inducted here at any one time, but from the size of the place and the noise that could be heard she would have estimated at least two hundred of assorted ages and experience. The sounds grew more and more distant as they moved further into the monastery, she would have thought they’d entered the side of the mountains behind the monastery by now if not for the moonlight that still cascaded through windows as they passed until finally their destination was reached. The Steward knocked, waiting for a murmur of ascent before opening the door and stepping inside and holding the door open for Elisa.

’Madam Elisa for you Master.’, the Priest rose from behind his desk and smiled broadly at her.

’Thank you Mister Franks. Please have some tea brought up, if you would and prepare one of the guest rooms for Madam Elisa.’, the Steward nodded and without waiting, left and closed the door.

’Master Jeffrey, the tea is most kind but the room really isn’t necessary I shall head back to town after our meeting is concluded.’, the Master shook his head with a smile.

’No Madam, there is a storm coming in from the look of the clouds outside. Some parts of the road are barely safe after the storms we had last month, it is too dangerous for you to travel it at night. One of our senior trainees will escort you back tomorrow on horseback, you can leave at first light if you desire. I assure you it will be much safer and will still get you back with your children before they rise tomorrow. Also please, call me Andrew, there is no need for such formality.’, Elisa peered through the large windows that took up almost an entire wall and saw the grey clouds that were gradually beginning to obscure the brilliant moon. She had to concede, he was correct. Giving him a smile she nodded in thanks.

’Thank you... Andrew. Your kindness and advice are much appreciated and please call me Elisa.’, he waved a jovially dismissive hand.

’Think nothing of it. Now what brings you all the way up here from your busy work at the orphanage?’, his fingers formed an arch beneath his chin as he watched her calmly.

’I have a problem, with one of our orphans, I think it could greatly benefit from your assistance.’, his look turned quizzical, so she continued.

’First perhaps, a little explanation is required for you to fully understand. Can I trust, that as a priest all I say to you is taken in the strictest confidence? For not even the orphan of whom I speak knows most of these details, to be honest nobody besides myself does, though others have suspicions of parts of it and of course the mother knows some.’, Master Jeffrey gave a gentle nod.

’Certainly Elisa, no word shall be uttered to any other without your permission, provided it does not endanger innocent lives of course.’, as Elisa considered where to began a knock came at the door and the Master held up a hand to quiet her.

’Come in Mister Franks. Place the tea on the desk if you’d be so kind.’, the Steward entered and did as instructed then stopped in the doorway on his way out.

’The Lady’s room is prepared, room three Master. Will there be anything else?’, the Master shook his head and before he could even speak the Steward turned and left. Andrew sighed.

’The man is a brilliant Steward, he keeps this place running smoothly. But his manners can be rather coarse at times. Please Elisa, continue.’, he began pouring them both tea whilst waiting for her to continue.

’About eight years ago, Lady Elywyn Richards came to us with a son that she needed to give to the orphanage. She had a fling with a, to use her own words, handsome and captivating drifter who had passed through town and the boy was a result of that union. I’m sure you are away of that family, its reputation and standing in the local community.’, the Master nodded. Elisa took a sip of her tea as she paused for him to reply.

’In this community a bastage child, for a family like that, would greatly affect their standing. They own most of the land in and around the town, if I recall correctly?’, Elisa nodded.

’Yes. Apparently her Elven mother and her sister knew, but they managed to hide it from the father and from the public and that is about all they told me. The only other thing she did before leaving the child in my care was to name him. What I have learnt about the father, has been my own quiet investigations once I began to notice... peculiar things about the boy.’, she took a sip of tea and the Master patiently waited for her to continue.

’The boy has a very... mixed heritage and that has begun to cause... problems.’, she hesitated.

’Do continue Elisa, if you want my assistance to be of value then the more I know the better.’, she nodded and continued once more.

’When the boy started to develop strange physical characteristics I investigated more into the father. You see the boy is only half Human. His mother as you’re aware is half Elven, but his father... is half Demonic...’, she paused a moment wondering if the Priest would immediate refuse to help hearing this news. But to her relief, he calmly asked more information instead.

’Do you know what kind of fiendish blood he inherited from his father?’, she shook her head.

’Does it matter?’, the Master’s face contorted slightly in thought a few seconds before answering.

’Maybe... but maybe not. Please continue.’, she nodded and took another sip of her tea before continuing.

’Physically, he looks much like any other boy we have, a little small for his age. I figure that’s the Elf and Demon blood slowing his aging. But he is very... fit. By that I mean other children may have some puppy fat on them, they tire after activity for a while and of course get sick from time to time. He however is in constant perfect health, he never gets sick, runs rings around the children, seems to have limitless energy or at least we’ve never been able to tired him out and he’s always lean figured no matter how much you feed him. But that... is the least of it. ’, he nodded encouragingly.

’His eyes are black, pure black. Darker than anything I’ve ever seen. You can see no pupil or anything, it is like there are voids where his eyes should be, as are his nails. His hair by contrast is pure white, like all the colour was drained out of it. But strangest of all is on his back, where his shoulder blades are, there are black patches of almost scale like skin. Surrounded by a network of black looking veins.’, she paused to refill her tea.

’Do his shoulder blades appear to be growing? To form wings.’, Elisa shook her head.

’Not yet, just the colouring and slight scaling. Do all with Demon blood grow wings then?’, the Master shook his head.

’No, not all. From the sound of it the growth of wings may be in his blood. But perhaps his blood is mixed with enough other species to avoid that. I’m afraid I can do nothing about these physical characteristics, if that is why you have come?’, as she replied the words almost tumbled out of her mouth.

’No Sir, you mistake me. My hope, is that you might be willing to take Edward, that’s his name by the way I think I forgot to say. But yes, I was hoping you might take him and teach him here in your monastery.’, the Master was unable to disguise his surprise as he replied.

’Dear lady, this monastery is only for those in a devoted Tyllarite upbringing. To raise them in the pursuit of justice. We train young individuals and shape them into Clerics and Divine Avatar’s here. Why would you think him appropriate?’

’Andrew... this boy is... exceptional. He inherited his father’s handsome looks plus the Elven beauty shines through to create something like... like it has been designed by Verinia herself. The way he talks to people, and interacts with them, when he wants to be he is immensely charming.’, the Master sighed.

’That is hardly how we judge out recruits...’, Elisa cuts across him.

’There is more Sir. He is very intelligent and a quick study. When something interests him or he sets his mind to it... we have several very intelligent orphans with us at the moment Sir, but when Edward focuses makes them look dull witted. When he doesn’t want to study something, he applies that intelligence and resourcefulness to getting out of working or to causing trouble which he does very successfully much to our dismay.’, the Master nods, slightly more impressed but still dubious as he waits for her to continue.

’But there are.... issues. Edward virtually never starts a fight, thank Verinia, but because of how he looks and sometimes how he acts. Other children regularly try and provoke him into fights, and when he does succumb and fight. He fights with a ferocity and determination I have rarely seen, I’ve seen him keep fighting even when he is bruised and bloodied and he rarely looses a fight even when against several boys older and bigger than he is....’, she hesitates momentarily.

’But...?, she sips tea then continues.

’But once he does engage in a fight, it is just like his studies, his focus and determination is so intense that. If we didn’t intervene he’d probably continue until the boys that started the fight were dead.’, the Master frowns but also looks thoughtful.

’Despite the fact he’s only eight years old, and small for his age. With how doggedly and ferociously he fights we are having great difficulty stopping him, sometimes taking two or three of us to pull him off and keep him separated long enough to break him from his focus. We often have to ask Tom the caretaker to help us pull him off, but even Tom, who is a fairly strong man is starting to have some difficulty with it.’, the Master takes a sip of his own tea before replying.

’Though, intelligence, resourcefulness, ferocity and determination are all good attributes when applied correctly. The tendency towards violence, disruption and destruction of things he doesn’t approve of isn’t. Though I would love to assist you, based on this evidence I can’t justify him as a recruit to the monastery.’, Elisa looks defeated, but continues to speak regardless.

’You haven’t heard all of it. Do you know that his grandmother... on his mother’s side. Was a monk in the service of Tyllar before she died?’, he nods.

’I did, but I fail to see what bearing that may have on this.’, her face looks almost desperate as she continues.

’It has every bearing upon it. Because it shows that in his blood flows something righteous, not just something wicked. I have seen it.’

’Seen what dear Lady?’, she takes a deep breath to calm herself before continuing.

’At the beginning of last month we took a large group of the younger orphans to the coast for a few days, Edward included in this party. On the third day we were preparing to leave the beach as the tide came in suddenly, before we knew it Luke and Sara had gotten cut off by the approaching tide. The water around that area was full of dangerous rip currents just beneath the water surface. Tom was with us and tried to swim out to them but got pulled under. The children were all screaming and crying, most of my fellow carers were rapidly being reduced to tears too.’, she takes a sip before continuing.

’Edward, was the only one not getting upset. He simply watched, calmly, as if fascinated by what he was seeing. Andrew, believe me in that moment I thought just as you did, that the demon blood in his veins was taking him down a dark path. Then suddenly he charged forward and in a great leap dived into the water and disappeared beneath the surface. It felt like hours, but it could have only been seconds when Edward immerged dragging an unconscious Tom by his leg.’, the Master looked genuinely surprised and impressed.

’Remarkable, the water would have reduced the man’s weight, but still. To think he could pull him out like that, and save the man from the rip currents.’, she nodded and then continued.

’Edward then began doing something he’d seen the healers in town do, when the river burst its banks last summer. Tom spluttered to life, coughing up half a lake worth of water. Screams echoed across the water from Luke and Sara, Edward looked towards them and I saw a moment of hesitation on his face. Luke was a couple of years older and was one of those boys always trying to provoke him into fights. The water was now lapping at their ankles, the distance was too great, but before I could stop him Edward once again dived in to the water.’, she took a sip of her tea, shaking her head. Seemingly she still struggled to believe it despite witnessing it herself.

’He saved them both, I’ve never known any child that could have done that at his age. I truly believe that in that moment, when he made that decision, one of the gods must have blessed him to help him accomplish it. I can’t think of any other way that he could have done it.’, after a long moment of silence and contemplating the Master finally replied.

’You may well be right Elisa. We will likely never know, but in that moment of true selflessness, acting against the evil that flows in his blood, he may have earned the favour of one of the divine.’, the Master rubbed his chest, where the outline of an amulet could be seen pressing from beneath. Elisa figured the man was making a prayer so remained silent until the Master spoke again.

’So this is why you want him to come here, because of these actions?’, she nodded.

’With the right experience, the right training, he could be exceptional and I have seen the good in him. But there is wickedness there, as there is in all of us, but perhaps more so in him than in most. I believe his fate, whether for good or ill, pivots on your decision today Andrew. We at the orphanage will give him all we can if you say no, but we are too busy and too ill equipped to truly bring out the best in him. When he becomes of age, he will have to leave, we have no choice in that rule; our patrons insist. But here at the monastery, you would guide him and train him until he was a fully fledged follower of Tyllar by which time the grace of Tyllar would protect him from that which would seek to corrupt him and use him for darkness.’, he watched her silently for a long time, occasionally rising to pace the room but she remained silent. They had drunk two more cups of tea and the pot had gone cold by the time he finally resumed his seat and spoke to her again.

’We will take him.’

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