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 Post subject: Jacob Drex
PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:05 pm 
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Character Name: Jacob Drex

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Dragon(Shadow)

Age: 127(appears mid twenties by human standards)

Class: Assassin/Shadowdancer

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Deity: Drigen

Description: He stands 6’4”(193cm) with a lean, muscular human figure with pale skin. Around every joint in his body from the knuckles in his fingers to the joints in his toes the skin turns a greyish colour. His hair looks fairly ordinary jet black however when light catches it at certain angles it appears to shimmer giving it an almost oil like appearance matched by his hand and toe nails which look as though they were made from obsidian.

His face is handsome with sharp almost Elven like lines. Set upon his face are silver/grey eyes which if watched closely for a length of time you would notice a black mist like shadow occasionally drifting across them. When he speaks his voice is very deep and layered with many tones even on the simplest of sentences.

When his hood is up his face appears to be obscured by shadow that seems to persist even when light would ordinarily fall under the brim and reveal his face, indicating that the shadow is not entire natural. An outline of a clean shaven face can be seen, as can major emotions such as smiles and frowns but more intricate features are hidden.


Smoke furls upwards catching on the brim of his hood before continuing upwards towards the roof of the tavern. The man sat quietly in the corner unobserved by most, a half drained bottle of whisky sitting upon the table with a glass tumbler next to it and a pipe in his hand. A nervous looking balding middle aged man moved towards him, stopping a short distance from the table.

”Are you.. are you the one can arrange certain... de... events? The one who works for the Jack of Spades?”, the hooded face turned slightly, looking the man over before settling back on the face of the individual. The balding figure had the look of someone who came from money but was wearing older clothes in an attempt to hide it and not doing a particular great job at the matter. Jacob breathed out sending a jet of smoke in the man’s direction, lowering his feet from the chair upon which they had been placed and gesturing for the nervous man to sit down. After the man took a seat opposite, the shadowy figure finally spoke.

”I am.”, the voice was scarcely more than a whisper so as to not carry beyond the ears of the intended target. The older man nodded, looking around to make sure they weren’t being overheard.

”I want to hire Jack...”, Jacob had drawn parchment from his bag and set it upon the table and drew a quill to write with.

”Evidently, tell me who.”, he took a slow draw on his pipe as he waited for the man to answer.

”Graham Richards.”, he stopped momentarily his attention drawn by the scratching of the quill on the parchment. The client looked at the parchment in confusion as he couldn’t recognise the letters, let alone understand the words and symbols that were written there.

”As in Captain Richards, the town’s Captain of the Guard?”, the man looked back to the shadowy figure and nodded. More strange letters and symbols were scratched on the parchment as he did so.

”Yes, he raped my daughter but..”, Jacob held up his hand to stop the man proceeding any further.

”If Jack takes the job, it is purely that, a job. There is no personal motivation, gain or satisfaction in his actions. It’s just business. So I don't need to know the reason unless a message is required.”, Jacob could tell from the man’s face that he wanted to argue but had enough sense to keep quiet, so the Assassin continued.

”How do you want it done?”, the bald man looked slightly confused. Jacob sighed and explained further.

”Is just it being done enough. Or do you want it to be slow and painful. Or to appear an accident. Bare in mind that the slow and painful or accidental options are more expensive due to time and work involved.”, the man considered for a moment before answering in an uncertain tone.

”How much would it be for slow and painful? And I want him to know what it’s being done for.”, a few more strange symbols and unknown words were scratched upon the parchment.

”For Captain Richards, delivering the message, slowly... if I use some extract... for a man his size... guaranteed death...”, the words come from his mouth as the faintest murmur to himself more than to the client.

”Several hours suffering, excluding unforeseen interruptions. Due to his position and the risk involved. Eight hundred thousand gold should cover it.”, the man contorts his face in thought before answering.

”What do you mean by unforeseen interruptions?”, a smile could be seen playing on the lips beneath the hood as he took another draw from the pipe.

”When you hire a professional like the Jack, he guarantees the person will die. But he does not guarantee the manner. He will do everything possible to insure that it goes as planned, however if something should happen that cannot be predicted which interrupts the proceedings he will end the Captain’s life quickly to insure completion of the contract.”, the balding man swallowed hard and nodded.

”Lets... I mean... do it please.”, Jacob nodded and made one final note on the parchment before rolling it up and sliding it inside his armour.

”Payment in advance to avoid any potential... unpleasantness post contract. You will have one week to gather the money, I will collect it from your home exactly one week from today at this time. Be there and have the money if you wish to proceed, I will do a check of its value and authenticity then deliver it to the Jack later. That will be your last opportunity to cancel. You will not see me again aside from then.”, Jacob calmly extinguished his pipe and re-corked the bottle of whisky. The older looking man rose to his feet nodding and turned to leave. After a few steps he glanced back to see that the shadowy figure and the bottle of whisky had vanished entirely.

One month later...

The town was in chaos, guards rushing everywhere and townsfolk all gathered around a small dwelling near the centre of the village. Pushing their way through the crowd game a guard followed by the town’s Elven healer, making their way into the small house. As they entered they were greeted by the unpleasant sight of the building’s owner, Guard Captain Richards hanging naked from the ceiling suspended by ropes looped around the rafters. A shiny and viscous black fluid dribbled from the corner of his mouth and congealed blood clung to the skin where it had leaked from his eyes, nose and ears and then dried post mortem. The blood on the floor was relatively little, showing that he had clearly only started to bleed shortly before his death or even as he died.

Guards moved through the throng of the crowd and from neighbour to neighbour asking for witnesses, which they were rapidly discovering there were none. A balding middle aged man, a council member for the town joined the crowd attempting to get a look through the door or windows but failing to get through the overexcited populace. Though he would later hear a detailed account of how the Captain had been found at the next council meeting . Also hearing how the Captain had been given a combination of two poisons; one a paralysing agent and the other a rare spider venom that slowly liquefies the internal organs of the victim. The healers report would also go on to indicate that the doses of each were carefully measured so that Captain Richards would have been alive and unable to cry out and fully conscious for some four or five hours of excruciating agony before succumbing to the injuries.

There was also one final piece of information in the death report that caused confusion amongst the councillors. Clipped to the Captain’s bare chest was a solitary playing card, a Jack of Spades. The guard who delivered the report added that some of their criminal contacts indicated this to be the calling card of a particular assassin known as the Jack of Spades, but that the true identity of the assassin or the person who had hired him remained a mystery.

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