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 Post subject: Liath Delgnat
PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:31 pm 
Caenyr Newcomer
Caenyr Newcomer

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Gamespy ID: BloodCri (probably)
Character Name: Liath Delgnat
Gender: Female
Race: Vampyre (human)
Age: 147 (Appears 20s)
Class: Rogue/Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Karissa

Description: 5'9 and slim, Liath has porcelan skin with smooth cheeks and a sharp jaw. Her short, ebony hair is messy but clean, often worn somewhat haphazardly. She tries to keep herself covered at all times and generally wears a cloak when she can. Though she never received any etiquette training she does her best to remain clean and orderly.

Bio: Liath has not really changed over the years. As a human, she used her skills to survive and take what she needed, often being hired to steal things. As a Vampyre, not much has changed, even if her needs have.
Liath was born in a small, long-forgotten village in the north on the edge of Mount Chirdon. On her own from a young age, necessity tempered her cunning and skill, quickly learning she would have to steal if she wanted to eat and keep warm. As a result she developed an almost indifferent attitude toward the world and its inhabitants. The world simply existed for those with enough cunning and initiative to take what they needed.

She left the village at the age of seventeen and traveled south, honing her skills and developing a love of gold on the way. Stealing and selling filled her purse with enough to get by and buy some basic equipment and she lost some of her more cautious nature. Money became less of a motivation as she was caught up by the thrill of her tasks. This would prove her undoing as her neglect resulting in her getting taken in by a medium sized group of vampyres and was turned by Lilith Ebonsoul.

She acclimated quite easily to vamypre life. Her stealth proved quite valuable and she was quickly given a variety of scouting and spying roles. This served to entertain her for nearly a hundred years, the eventual monotony of the tasks eventually catching up with her.

Liath left with scarcely a goodbye, the group having dwindled down to only a few, and set off on her own to explore, looking for new ways to entertain herself. It took another decade but she began showing her face again in human settlements and cities. They are not to her taste, but they are, at least, interesting, and provide many opportunities to have some fun.

As for the humans she has encountered over the years themselves, Liath has regarded them mostly with apathy. She has no problem with killing them should proper motivation arise, but she generally wont go out of her way to cause excessive bloodshed. She is cautious, preferring not to draw an excess of negative attention to herself. She is somewhat wary of other vamypres for this very reason.

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