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 Post subject: Avari
PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 12:19 am 
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Caenyr Newcomer
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GSID: Temptress
Name of Main PC: Hopefully a
Gamespy ID: Temptress
Character Name: Avari
Gender: Female
Race: Faee Elf (Dark)
Age: 156
Class: Shadowdancer
Alignment: CN
Deity: Drigen

Avari often keeps her skin covered when walking amongst others, but when you can see it, in glimpses or maybe in full if she chooses to reveal it, it is a light gray. Almost seeming cliche with her Raven black hair, however the eyes end that, seeming truly unique and showing a trait uncommon in both elves or human. Her eyes are a light green, with copper flecks to it, the two having a sort of contrasting polarity that makes it seem all the more mesmerizing.

She pulled herself up onto the roof, yawning ever so quietly as she did so, her black hair was tangled and knotted from the day's work she left behind her, and to signify this, she took part in the same ritual she did every night, falling asleep looking at the moon. No matter where she traveled, it's sight was always a comfort to Avari. When she was younger she used to make up stories to explain how it may have gotten where it was.

One of her stories was that Draxil was once flying through the sky and burped, unleashing a large fireball so hot it turned white, and the when the fire burned out, it revealed the moon at it's center, and the darker spots were just the areas where it was "burnt" ever so slightly. However, her other theory, and the one she preferred much more, involved Drigen and a game of dice.

In this one, Drigen was playing a game with Ath’endal’lynn, and for some reason though she could command wind, and should have been able to just force the dice to roll whatever she wanted (she must have decided to play....Fair...) she lost to him. Of course, it was Drigen, and he likely cheated anyways, but Avari only believed it was cheating if you were caught. Anyways, Drigen won, and Ath’endal’lynn challenged him to Double or Nothing. She had a strange glint in her eyes, like she knew something, but Drigen being the Trickster as ever accepted, his own trick up his sleeve. When he won again Ath’endal’lynn was a little upset, but Drigen did win, and as such he got to name his prize.

"I want that glint in your eye." She imagined him saying with a slight grin.

Not realizing what that might do, she obliged, giving it to him. He then took it, and put it in the sky every night. Giving most of his followers the darkness they needed to hide, but at the same time enough light to work by, of course he didn't only do it for his followers, he also did it because it acts like a giant eye, allowing him to see everything going on in Etaria, no matter where he is.

Just like the moon, her stories used to bring her comfort, as she traveled from place to place, trying to find somewhere that felt like it could be home.

Home. The word itself seemed almost foreign to her, she assumed as a child she had once had a home, but if so it escaped her memories now. Avari just believed home was the place you felt like you belonged, and others knew you resided... It was the second part where she found the issue. There were a lot of places she liked, but everyone else kept walking in claiming they owned the place and kicking her out. Sometimes she tried to hide from them, and with time she got better at it. More recently, she managed to stay hidden in a house a whole WEEK before they realized she was there.

For now, the closest thing she had to a home was Drigen's Temple, she felt a sort of comfort there that she didn't anywhere else, a comfort even the moon didn't bring her. The only thing that could make it even better was if she COULD see the moon from it, then she may never leave.

Suddenly a nearby sound broke her from her thoughts, her ears twitched to hear it better and she crouched, slowly moving closer to the edge of the roof to see what happened.

"There she is! Up there!" She heard a guard yell from below, of course, he was pointing at the wrong rooftop, but still. It was a shame too, the nobleman's house she was in needed redecorating, he should have thanked her, not called the guards on her for it. All she did was move around the furniture, she didn't take anything.... Besides maybe a few coins.

"Uh-oh, time to go...." She mumbled to herself, pulling out a shiny new gold coin and leaving it on the roof as an offering.

"Just wait Great Trickster, I have a new game in mind." She said as her thoughts flashed like lightning, her mind racing as she left the rooftop. All she had to do was get to one of the big cities, Chail or Tendril... Maybe Chail, they had a new king or something... Yes, she just had to get there, learn the flow of the place, and then learn how to mess with it. Maybe find some new pieces to adapt...

And she knew Drigen would be watching, after all, no matter where she went, the moon always followed.

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