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Grabar Grog Darkstone
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Author:  Flyfisher [ Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Grabar Grog Darkstone

Gamespy ID: Narain
Characters Name: Grabar Grog Darkstone
Gender: Male
Race: Half Grae Dwarf - Half Gold Dwarf (Mother)
Age: 150
Class: Rogue/Assassin
Alignment: Chaotic/Evil
Deity: Drigen

Description: Called “Grog” because of his small size he is shorter than most Grae and the name was used by the other Grae as a pejorative. Other than his size he appears a typical Grae with dark complexion and dark hair with blue highlights.

Karth whistled softly to himself as be strode down the tunnel. He was the biggest and strongest of the young Grae being trained for the Thane’s army. He was also a bully who enjoyed harassing and beating up on the younger trainees; he would prove who the best in the class was. This little used tunnel provided a fine shortcut to the training area. He was contemplating which of the others would be his next victim, maybe Grog, he hadn’t pounded Grog for at least two weeks and he deserved another beating, Grog was too small and weak for the army. Yes, Grog would be perfect.
Suddenly a heavy blow struck the back of his head sending him to his knees, before he could turn a second then a third blow sent him moaning and senseless to the floor. Blow after blow rained all over his body, enough to injure but not hard enough to kill.
Quietly the attacker moved back into the shadows from which he had struck, leaving the young Grae moaning, lying moaning and dazed on the tunnel floor.
Moving quickly and quietly back down the tunnel, being very careful not to be seen, Grog allowed himself a satisfied smile. Cutting through the tunnels he entered a different tunnel leading to the training area quickly catching up with some of the other trainees and moving in with the group as if he had been there all along.
Grog thought to himself as they walked, “Now at least maybe he could have several weeks of peace without having to constantly be on watch for that bully, maybe even for rest of the session as it was almost over”. Grog was well aware he was the smallest of the trainees and not as strong as many of the others, but he was the quickest and had by necessity become the best at moving quietly and hiding in the shadows. Not he thought a skill that seemed important to his trainers.
The young Grae entered the training area and moved to their various areas for instruction, several minutes went by and the training had started when Grog noticed several of the instructors conferring, Karth had been missed, continuing his work with a hammer he continued knowing there would be no way to connect him with Karth’s beating.
“Grog! Grog gets over here!” It took Grog a second to realize he was being called by one of the trainers. Quickly he ran to stand before the older Grae. “Tha commander wants ta see ya, well don just stand there move it trainee!”
Looking about Grog spied Haroon Brokenaxe the commander of the training in a far quiet corner. Running to the commander he though they can’t know, probably not even found Karth yet. “Yes Sir! Grog reporting sir.” As he stood in front of the grizzled old warrior he could not help but wonder, what now.

The commander looked him up and down, “Grog, been noticed by some ye have some special talents, talents tha army can use, can’t all be frontline fighters, ye be small, ye be fast and has a few other talents as well,” the commander winked at Grog, he actually winked. “From now on ye goin ta be getting some special trainin more suited ta yer talents, if ye be good enough even gets some trainin wit the dark ones. Get yerself down ta tha lower caverns past tha storage areas ye find some guards, tell um who ye be and that ye been sent ta commander Darkshadow. Do us proud lad cause if they sends ye back I make yer life a livin hell. Now git!”
Thus began Grog’s new life, training in stealth, killing quietly and quickly, how to pass unseen and blend in with his surroundings. It was hard, very hard, but he loved it as he had never loved anything before, and he excelled.
As he trained he heard more stories of the God called Drigen, one who seemed to value his desires for solitude and recognize the need for deception. He had heard of the god before and while it was unwise here in the dark to not at least pretend to honor the Valsharess he felt in his heart Drigin of all the gods he had heard of would recognize the necessity of the deception. He felt himself bound to this god and looked forward to the day he could worship him openly.
Finally the day he had awaited arrived. His mission was to go to the world outside and track down and kill a renegade Grae. Grog prepared knowing this was his opportunity. Once away from these who looked upon him as unworthy he would leave behind this dark believing he would never return. With his natural abilities and the training he had received he was certain he could not only survive but thrive in the world outside.

Author:  Flyfisher [ Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:43 pm ]
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Edited to make Grog Half-Grae, Half Gold thru in-game RP.

Author:  Flyfisher [ Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grabar Grog Darkstone

Grog sat alone in his room, all things considered he had done well for a grae dwarf, he escaped the Mistress, survived the bright world, actually, better than survived, had become wealthy. Pickings had been easy here and providing newcomers with good gear at good prices had paid well, as his overhead was very low. He even opened a shop, became a rent collector for the CREA, then, as was apparently often the case in Chail, his shop was destroyed in one of it's frequent wars. Then the customer's disappeared, they no longer wanted what he sold, they wanted only the best gear, He also considered the years spent training as an assassin, all these years in Chail and only two contracts, neither profitable. Oh, he was still comfortable and had enough to support him, but mayhaps it was time to seek further training, the rich bastages had increased their security and good as he was he wasn't good enough. Training was what he needed to take him to a new level, forget the assassin crap it didn't pay. To Geno he would go, seek out the masters and become the best damn thief the brightside had ever seen. The shadow world was his world, the dark his friend. Smiling he began his search for "The Master" and a future not in sunlight and accolades but shadow and profit.

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