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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:09 pm 
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Gamespy ID: Lael'avin
Character Name: Lael'avin Jys'breena Dalharil
Gender: Female
Race: Itheril
Age: 147
Class: Marshal
Domain: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Valsharess

A stoic and graceful demeanor, with a strong and intimidating presence. She dyes her hair a light shade of purple, the color of the Dalharil standard, and wears elegant battle garments of a similar hue.

The Dalharil is a very old House, with a rich history. It was not long ago, in fact, the most powerful House in all of the Underdark, with an army that guarded its borders, a priesthood that guided its inhabitants, and a matron that kept order and stability. All of that crumbled, though, when the Feral Prince of House Ju'on, the criminal who had been stolen from Dalharil hands by Valsharess herself, murdered the matron and the heads of their church. In the wake of that tragedy was a feeble shadow, a shade of the once great Qu'ellar Dalahril. One of its remaining members though, would give birth to someone who would not sit idle and let it remain that way.

Lael'avin Jys'breena Dalharil was born into the House from what would be considered, in Itheril culture at least, a very noble lineage. Many matrons, high priestess's and the like could all be traced back to her bloodline. So it was no surprise that from the time she came of age she was looked upon with respect and given the mantle of some leadership within the House, later fighting and manipulating her way into the role of Ilharess, as was the traditional Itheril way of achieving such a position. During her tenure she has displayed great leadership both in military and domestic affairs, drawing many to follow her. With that, she has rebuilt Dalharil into a House even stronger than it was before, with a new and more disciplined order of soldiers and some of the most devout priestess's to have ever preached the word of the Spider Queen. But the repair of their broken clan was just the foundation behind Lael'avin's true ambition - to take control of Har'oloth as its ruling House. A lofty goal, but she had pledged an oath to her mother to see it so, along with a promise to get revenge against House Ju'on for what they did.

The latter had proved difficult thus far. Lael'avin's sworn enemy, Anga Ju'on, that House's matron, had thwarted any attempts at assassination and even defeated groups of her soldiers in some of the small skirmishes between Houses that were commonplace in Har'oloth. This infuriated Lael'avin beyond limits, but she would persist none the less.

The other Houses were a different story. With them, the Ilharess d' Dalharil demonstrated a less hasty, but equally as aggressive strategy. They each had their unique strengths, and surely their weakness, and would need to be dealt with appropriately. Zaerk'sol was a House she had the most respect for, if any of them, for they too were of a more traditional ilk. Mandol was as well, but Z'ress' army was equal to that of Lael'avin's, so they were perhaps her biggest obstacle towards achieving her goal. Kardaan and Zau'und were not to be trusted in the least. Vel'raj, Arab'virr, and Baenduis could perhaps be made into temporary allies - Baenduis needed more so than the others, politically, since they were favored by Valsharess with the selection of her Ssivah, and their matron, Talaste. The remaining Houses were smaller and inconsequential, in her opinion, and would be easily put in place either at her boot or under her heel when she came to power, if not before it.

There was a lot of work to be done, and she was up to the task. Nothing would stop her ambition, nothing could make her break her oath. Har'oloth would be her's, the surface afterwards, and the banner of the Dalharil would fly feared and respected by all once again.


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