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 Post subject: The Prezaxian Schism..
PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:25 pm 
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The Prezaxian Schism

Entry taken from a book concerning magical places in Caenyr
Teleportation, the pinnacle of magical power as far as many mages are concerned. To master that, would be a truly monumental achievement. Portals are relatively simple, meta-physically speaking. Binding stones are slightly more complex, but they are simply activators for portals bringing you to the portal without requiring a portal on both ends but the rarity of the materials required makes them exceptionally rare even if the magic involved isn’t that spectacular.

To teleport, to truly teleport, from one location to another is something immensely difficult. It is not so much the magical energy required, any mage of good talent would possess it. It is the complexity of thought required that means that few beings other than the Gods have accomplished such a thing. You have to be able to mentally use your magical power to take hold on every single particle of your body, inside and out, as well as everything in the immediate area around you. Then you have to reach magically with your mind, to your destination and do the same to the exact same size area the other end that you intend to occupy. The complexity of thought required to hold all those things in your mind, in connection, simultaneously requires an exceptional mind. It is possible that the Gods have access to some kind of meta-physical loophole, created for them in the weave of our world by the Father, that makes this process easier. But the aforementioned is what would be required for you or I to teleport.

So why do I tell you this readers? Well, quite simply because that is how the place known as the Prezaxian Schism, came into being.

The Prezaxian was an order of mages, that existed some fifteen hundred to two thousand years ago. Little is recorded about them, given their secretive nature and highly selective recruiting. Other works about them suggest that individuals who possess sufficient arcane aptitude were approached, put under a spell to temporarily contain their ability to remember and presented with an offer. If they joined, it was for life, if they didn’t then they would not remember a thing. That such things have been recorded suggests that at least a few individuals managed to recover their memories, be it by accident or on purpose.

The location of their base, was the very same place this entry was written to describe, though it was only discovered to have been so after the order’s disappearance when the place was raided in subsequent years and a few more scraps of recorded information came to light. Above all other things this group was obsessed with mastering true teleportation; this is also why I believe the Schism is navigated with a maze of portals, such was their love of that particular branch of magic.

Accounts acquired from the Schism, or at least what remains that I have painstakingly tracked down. Suggest that they had finally found a way to do it, finally having achieved their ultimate aim they proceeded to make preparations for a “ultimate plan” as they called it. What this plan was, I have found no information on and can only presume such information is lost to history. But the records that survived suggested that the preparations were complete and that they were to teleport, on mass, to a new location ready for the next phase. This readers, is where the records end. Subsequent investigations, scrying and experiments by other mages of the Schism since have come up with several theories as to what happened next and also provide us with the name for the place itself.

It is believed that they had woven in a flaw to the magic they used to achieve teleportation, mixing a combination of portal magic with the same magic commonly used in conjuration to summon creatures from other planes. This is further supported by the fact that the Schism is filled with some particularly strong Slaad, who as you may be aware are planar creatures not naturally found in Caenyr unless brought in by some other source. Others believe and I share this belief that teleporting on mass, amplified the flaw within their teleportation magic causing the members of the Prezaxian to be split in two. Bound by the magic that runs through their souls, the souls remained here whilst their bodies were teleported to another plane; one the Slaad originally occupied. Souls then without bodies to keep them anchored, cannot exist, so they then all drifted off through the gates and into the Black River.

The reason that Slaad still persist in the Schism is simply because of a weakening in the boundary between their particular plane and ours, in the area where the accident occurred enabling them to force their way across. There must however be some limitation to how many can cross at once or the Jraag desert would have long since been overrun by the creatures. Many mages suspect the barrier will eventually repair itself and the Slaad will cease to come through, but as this situation has been present since the time of the Prezaxian Order over a thousand years ago I personally doubt this will change anytime soon.

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