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 Post subject: Vhestij
PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:50 pm 
Caenyr Citizen
Caenyr Citizen

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”Soil, oh soil who darkness gathers. In thy earth evil sleeps and coils like a sickened twisted vine. Like secrets so far beneath, hidden all from the gaze of mortal eyes. In spaces even sunshine shuns and the gentle breeze fears. Oh what horrors have thou sealed away? I weep for the tragedy of thy greatest of mistakes, of letting corruption root in thy heart my sweet dear earth.”
- Niala Art’esis, Druid of Ath’endal’lynn 195BL–592BL

Far below the earth under what today is the Forlorn Swamps, lies the ruined remains of a once glorius outpost. Long ago the caverns were a part of the Betherak Empire, and later the kingdom of Har’oloth… though now, only unspoken horror rules here. It is now a place of despairing darkness, a place void of nature… a place of cold stone, and the chilling touch of death.

“Never had I expected this place to have fallen so deep into corruption. The very air is choking me with its evil. I do not know how much longer I will last. Oh god, they’re coming… Tyllar help me. I don’t want to die here.”
- Samuel Armidsson, Paladin of Tyllar 894AL-915AL

The modern Vhestij reminds little of what it once was. A lot of the old architecture is no more than ruins and rubble, and new more alien buildings have been raised in their stead. Located within the Keeshe’jejik cavern, the only open way that today remains is the path upwards to the Forlorn Swamps. The paths that lead deeper into Itheril and Betherak lands long ago sealed away.

The city is divided among a number of districts, something that came naturally during the centuries as non-native unliving who settled claimed room within its premises.

    The Fane
    The southernmost part of the city is dominated by a large citadel, the old Fane of the Spider. While only about half of the citadel itself is intact it is a place of constant activity. It is continuously being rebuilt and changed to please the craving demands of Aerilth'a Vlos’dalhar, once High Priestess and now in death a Banshee. Hordes of lowly undead can be seen darting around and working at the building site. Most of the risen House Vlos’dalhar itheril, whether vampyre or vampire, roam this area and still reverently follow their matron.

    The Bone Piles
    Not far from the city itself, in the southern, eastern and northern parts of the caverns lie what is simply labelled the Bone Piles. These are gigantic stacks of bones from uncountable kinds of creatures, either broken or incomplete sets that have been discarded… or victims of the malicious being that haunts these areas. The Many, as it is called, is the gathered anger of hundreds of deaths given consciousness in the form of a Charnel Hound. The Bone Piles actually makes out portions of its full body, and it can freely shift its mind between these three batches of bones and reanimate them. Usually it remains fairly inactive, content enough being fed the refuse of remains other undead have no use for.

    The Blind Tower
    This windowless tower is located in the north-eastern part of the city. Within it the maddened spirit of Vuk’herek roams, who in living life served House Vlos’dalhar as its archmage. The spirit is paranoid, normally attacking anyone who would trespass. The only door inside guarded with the last piece of work he completed before his death – the gargoyle stone golem “Tekla”.

    In the south-eastern part of the cavern, also including the former slum of Vhestij, is named the Bloodmourn after the dark underground lake that lies there. While the original lake long since dried out, a dark blackish mass swirls there in its stead. Inky tendrils reaching out of it toward anything with an ounce of life-force. Except for ghouls, the only thing that wanders here is mindless undead. Stationary beside the entrance into the cavern stands a tall bone-structure however, infused with the former itheril captain Kar’them Vlos’dalhars soul and mind. Here he tirelessly keeps watch, noting anyone coming or leaving.

    The Academty
    Up on a cliff shelf, and making out the western portion of the city is the old academies. None of the original buildings remain, rather has a new set of twisted edifices been constructed, together forming a series of interconnected towers and spires. Here the remains of House Vhestij’zhalyl and House Imhl’ena dwell, constantly seeking to expand their numbers and forever bickering with the Vlos’dalhar.

    The City Core
    Also called the Unhallowed Plaza, the city core is perhaps the most important area within Vhestij. A long scar leaps right across it, like a deep wound in the rock from where the negative energies from the large node beneath the city seep out. Necromancers and their servants work tirelessly to keep the flow of energy at a “healthy” level, and to transport any corpses here for easier reanimation. The whole town square and the ruins around the scar are covered in glowing runes of power and animation circles.

“I held my ground and boldly stared into the eyes of the monstrosity in front of me. Clad in an armour of bone and wielding a wicked, toothed sword it stared back with a look of malicious glee upon its face. This thing had slaughtered my friends in cold blood, but by Tyllars might I would not fall. As it pointed its sword toward me and spoke in its vile tongue, I readied myself. I needn’t know the speech to know it gave me a challenge. I accepted. It would end here.”
- Thorulf Blightbane, Paladin of Tyllar 886AL-915AL

Many an undead makes their residence within the cavern of Keeshe’jejik, both native and non-native. Like most necropolises the city has attracted a range of unliving seeking a “haven” from the lands of the living. While some of the native welcome them openly as a means to expand the city’s numbers, some disdain having their itheril grounds shared with outsiders but by the words of their leaders quietly accepts.

Eliasse Niam’Lee
“This woman is pale, white locks framing a beautifully carved face. She looks kind and pleasant, but her aura is chilling and the long silver dress coated in a thin layer of frost.”

Eliasse was the first non-native undead to find her way down. Passing by the itheril whom fled toward the surface, she came down only a few hours after Vhestij had collapsed. And untouched by the darkness that seeped out of the city’s centre she began wandering among the ruins. There she, as a Pureblood, spread the words of the Silent One to the dying and turned those she felt would embrace his teachings. She was an important figure in the early days of the necropolis creation; however she became less and less active during the centuries. While she remains even today under the rule of the Dark Queen, she stays fairly inactive and sleeps deeply until called.

House Vlos'dalhar
A large number of itheril from the once great house Vlos’dalhar rose again as vampires, vampyres and wraiths. They cling to the denial of their deaths, outraged to have been torn from the glory they could have had in life. Within The Fane they preserve an illusionary existence of how they lived before death, trying to their traditions and daily life under the rule of their new Dark Queen.

    Aerilth'a Vlos’dalhar
    “This spirit appear as a faded, blurred image of an itheril woman clad in a luxurious priestly garb. Her shape is swirling and broken as if she cannot fully keep her manifestation together, the young face twisted into an inhuman mask of immeasurable anger.”

    The Banshee Aerilth’a rules the remains of House Vlos’dalhar with an iron hand, trying to make it become everything she feels it was denied reaching before it was wiped out together with the rest of the city. In life she was a fanatical high priestess, and not much of that has changed except to whom she has turned her reverence. She is cruel and fickle, easily losing her temper over the smallest of matters.

House Imhl'ena & Vhesij'zhalyl
More accepting of their new existences than the Vlos’dalhar, the two houses of Imhl’ena and Vhestij’zhalyl have joined forces and continually works toward expanding their numbers. They are ruthless and well organized, and gladly aid with the perseverance of the necropolis. While they again and again come into conflict with the conservative Vlos’dalhar that house has been seen as more of an annoyance these last centuries. While the two houses see themselves as blessed by unlife and try serve their newest deity the best they can, the warped image of reality the Vlos’dalhar hold cripples their possibilities by daily having to dodge their plots and schemes. The bulk of the houses’ undead are made out of vampyres, vampires and spawns.

    “This undead itheril appear as a tall and muscular specimen of his race. His stance is proud, and the fiery gaze arrogant. Clad in figure-fitted bone armor he wields a long crooked and jagged sword.”

    To symbolise his acceptance of death and undeath, the former high general discarded his birth given name. He was born of house Imhl’ena, and beside his military title also served as the matron’s only consort. In death, he rose again as a Death Knight to faithfully serve his god and his house. When the Imhl’ena matron was slain the general took control of the house and managed to strengthen the alliance with the Vhestij’zhalyl to such a degree he was entrusted to rule their house as well in the matron’s absence.

    “A pale and gaunt little lady, her head tilted down and face concealed behind strands of black hair. She carries a long, simple dark gown.”

    One of the first to ever lay a pact at the edge of death and become a revenant, Mefesshra sought her way to Vhestij once her thirst for revenge was fulfilled. Being the only non-native undead to be accepted into one of the city’s houses she quickly gained position one of Vhestij’zhalyls most practiced necromancer.

    By the order of Scorn she organizes the arcanists within the two houses, as well as actively monitors the scar and rising new undead at the city core. She is also regularly sending out extermination patrols to seek out any ghouls or other famine spirits whom could possibly destroy “good materials”.

The Many
"The size ofa two-stories building, this massive monstrosity holds the characteristics of a hound. Every part of its being is built up by countless of bones and rotting corpses."

Outside the city three bone piles are located. These three piles make out the physical form of the charnel hound The Many. During the city’s collapse its consciousness was created from the anguish and hatred of all who died here, infused into the soul of one of Vhestij’s citizen and warped beyond recognition. It is a unique being within the city. Since its creation it has grown massively and it constantly hungers for more corpses to integrate into its being. For this reason the other undeads make sure to keep it “happy” by throwing remains they themselves cannot use on top of it. The Many itself would care less from where the corpses it integrated came from, which the citizens know well and most fear it’d turn on them if it was left unfed for too long.

“This featureless apparition twists and distorts in and out of itself chaotically while its shape remains vaguely humanoid. The lower body trails away into a vaporous nothingness. Untiringly it blabbers and mutters incoherently to itself.”

The sole inhabitant of the Blind Tower, the maddened spirit of Vuk’herek the archmage roams its rooms constantly wailing. While he himself cannot actually harm anything, he was so paranoid in life that basically everything within the tower has been magically set with traps. Any trespassers will be relentlessly followed by his image, and he’ll blabber and flail at them. And those who doesn’t fall victims to the traps within the tower, usually go crazy from the constant unavoidable mutterings of the spirit.

“Two heads taller than the average man, this female-shaped stone gargoyle rests above the single door leading into the Blind Tower. Its face is vaguely elflike, beset with large sapphire eyes but missing nose and mouth. Feet and hands are beastlike and decorated with vicious claws. The word ‘Tekla’ is carved into its chest.”

This stone golem was the last thing the archmage Vuk’herek ever finished before his death. Shaped like a female gargoyle, it relentlessly watches above the entrance to the tower and attacks anyone who’d try to make their way inside. The twin sapphires making out its eyes are sensitive to magical auras, making it adept at spotting invisible creatures.

Kar'them Vlos'dalhar
“This sentry looks more like a golemnific construction rather than an undead. Its body seemed out of bones diligently puzzled together, with a square body and skull-like large head. It remains stationary, however has four long-reaching scythe-like arms.”

Former captain of the guard, Kar’them found his reanimated undead self largely immovable due to the severe damages his body suffered right before his demise. He had been one of the Vlos’dalhar whom betrayed his house in favour of the Vhestij’zhalyl and as a reward for his loyalty the risen necromancers of that house built him a more robust form to inhabit. His fragile body was encapsulated in bones, and since he would have to stay stationary he volunteered to keep watch over the pathways out of Keeshe’jejik.

“This little creature looks like an itheril child wearing a white, featureless mask. Raven hair frames the face, and within the masks eye sockets is only an impenetrable darkness to be found. The dress she wears is no more old and worn rags. A butcher’s knife is always carried at her side.”

In life Maligna was the child of a poor, lowly stationed family. And while she herself had great ambitions since young age her family’s status in society meant she’d never come far. When Vhestij collapsed she, just as a number of other inhabitants, rose again as ravenous famine spirits. Her hunger for power and prestige translating in undeath to an insatiable hunger for flesh. This has turned into a problem for the rest of the undead within Keeshe’jejik whom see ghouls as no more than troublesome pests. After a series of organized hunts where aimed toward famine spirits, Maligna rallied the ghouls and created the group called “The Slaymates”. Allying and holding a low profile have meant greater survivability. As of today, great efforts are spent on tracking her down.

Necrolord of Karissa

Scriptures of Iltioreth
Tome of Necromancy

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:19 pm 
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The Ancient Elvish City of Elor’iniora
History of the Aquatic Elves
The Akari
The Eldarii and the Lands of Atat’Andor
The Elven House of Celebniraeth
Sky Elves and the Lost Kingdom of Enia
The Faee (elven subrace)
Rise and Fall of the Itheril house Vlos'dalhar
Formation and History of House Vel’raj
The Gladomin Family of Talanon
A History of House Zau’und
House Belithral, Elven Vampyres
Itheril: The Dark Elves of Caenyr & The Betherak
The Itheril House Ju’on
Itheril-Keeper Wars
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Lith’nórë – Ash’s Kingdom
Lith'edhel Legends
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Of the Emerald Wood vale, Eliath Alesse and the Elven Houses
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The Sacred Cloak of Zenegral
The Shadow Elves- The Forgotten Children Exiles of Har'Oloth
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Telthen’Ar, the Half Hearts
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:46 pm 
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Ancient Elven City of Elor'iniora
The Bitter Pole – The World’s Crown
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North Etaric Forest - A Dark Return
Of Emerald Wood vale, Eliath Alesse and the Elven Houses
Orbben Dumoas – the Forgotten City
The Planes of Caenyr
Port Talboria
Priminsulae and the City-State of Cythia
The Royal Courts of Chail
The Ruins and the Lost Temple City of Baetor
Syrenae -The Underwater City
Thrand’s Silver Mine
Tol’eska Elven City-State of Zenegral
Tome of Fallen Mount
Trencholme and its Citizens
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The Ageless Kin
History of the Ancients
The Blood of the Fold
Celessa, the Streams and Celestial Races Information regarding half-Celestials
Celestial Races Revisited
The Children of Hate
The Complete Works of Agren : Champion of Raekhan
The Creation
The Encyclopedia of Everything Magic
The Fallen Plane and the Dark Knights
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Half-Bebilith (Half-Demon Subtype)
Heart of Zenegral (The Great Wyrm)
Legend of the Aryan Tree
The Legend of the Frozen Soul
The Legend of Soulblighter
Libris Arcanum - The Tome of Magic
The Llith
Master Trees and Barklings
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Nilah Mirshann
On Dreams
On Orcs: The Turgma and the Har’akla
The Planes of Caenyr
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Rentop’s Journal
The Seven Faces
The Spirit Folk
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Tellers of Tales
Thanathos and The Circle of Erebus
Tome of the Fallen Mount
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The Witch Masters

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