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PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:29 am 
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The tale that follows is a patchwork of lore handed down through generations of elves by word of mouth, for none of those who were present to witness the events described therein are alive today. Nor was this tragedy recorded at the time of its happening. The elves of Tendril consider the story of Abeissia and her loyalists taboo, and the idea of recording it in parchment profane, even to this day. I have no such qualms.

Before the time of Larelac, when the world was still populated largely by nomadic peoples and small farming tribes, Ath’endal’lynn, goddess of nature, looked into the eyes of her sister and changed the world. Govannon was the goddess of the forge, trade, and luck, and in the depths of her stare Ath’endal’lynn saw the coming rise of humankind. She saw a future of vast empires of stone and mortar, empty fields where forests once thrived, and she was afraid. In order to protect the natural world, the first champion of nature was appointed. Abeissia was still a youth as far as elves were concerned, but Ath’endal’lynn saw in her a much-needed ambition. If the world was to be protected from the plow shears of man, then it would need a protector with fire in her soul.

This fire ignited the hearts of many followers of the Nature Goddess, and soon an army had formed under Abeissia's banner. During the twelve years of Abeissia's reign, entire human villages were said to have vanished overnight. Nomadic caravans would enter the forest, never to be heard from again. It was a time of great fear for the human race. Most frightening of all were the Nature's Maidens, an elite band of elven females whose wicked spears and arcane prowess struck terror into the hearts of men. The Maidens followed Abeissia with unquestioning loyalty, even to the very end.

As so often happens, ambition succumbed to power, and Abeissia's hatred of the human race led her to do the unthinkable. She began ordering her clerics to raise the victims of her malice as undead. Word quickly spread of the Champion's recruitment of abominations into her service, and most of Abeissia's forces soon deserted, leaving only the Maidens. Abeissia, feeling betrayed by her own army, pursued the deserters. Ath’endal’lynn heard the prayers of her faithful, even as they were being cut down by her own champion's Maidens. The Nature Goddess screamed in unbridled fury, and from her mouth emerged a swarm of flies so thick that it blotted out the sun. The black, living cloud descended upon Abeissia and the Nature's Maidens, consuming those that could not run fast enough to stay ahead of it. Abeissia and her army fled the swarm, running in a panic toward the only possible sanctuary they could see - a stone tower rising up from the heart of the Eleadda Valley. Their lungs were burning from exhaustion when they reached the tower's entrance, piling inside to escape Ath’endal’lynn's swarm, though there would be no escaping Her wrath.


The voice of Ath’endal’lynn came as a crack of thunder that chased the bolt of electricity to the ground. The cloud of insects had risen into the sky to manifest as a violent tempest. Rain began to pour into the valley as the storm danced around the tower on legs of lightning.

You and your Maidens have ripped the dead from my bosom to walk the earth and replaced their bodies with the corpses of my children! You are no daughter of of mine. I name thee Abomination!

The last word was accented by a sharp peal of thunder. Abeissia and the former Maidens of Nature could be heard screaming in agony as a terrible transformation took hold of them. The Maidens' flesh bubbled up and melted away, revealing gray, reptilian scales underneath. Their teeth rotten within their shrieking maws, only to be replaced by fangs like curved needles. Their eyes became yellow, with slitted pupils that would never again see the sun. Yet for all of their horror, the hideous transformation of the Maidens paled in comparison to what became of the once-radiant Abeissia.

Even as the storm's rain filled the valley with water, a great groaning sounded within the earth. A vast sinkhole appeared quite suddenly beneath the tower, opening its terrible jaws to swallow the massive structure nearly whole! When the storm subsided four days later only the top of the tower remained, poking up from the surface of the new lake like a small stump. Ath’endal’lynn finished by breathing life into the lake itself, calling upon it to keep Abeissia and her Maidens from ever leaving the tower.

Ages have passed. Mankind, with their brief lives and memories, can no longer recall Abeissia's terrible war against them. Yet Lake Eleadda remains, and protruding from the heart of it, the half-sunken remains of a great tower.

-as documented for posterity by Gustave Claudremot


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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