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PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:34 pm 
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Sandvipers and the Palace of Thieves


The Sandvipers originally started out with the noblest of intentions, to bring equality and fairness to the city by overthrowing the vice like control the Duke’s of Goldhaven held over the city. Due to the wealth, power and influence held by the Council of Dukes the Sandvipers were forced to operate in secret and employ cunning and underhanded methods to have sufficient impact.

In the one hundred and fifty years since the organization’s creation however, it has sunk so far into the shadows that the Sandvipers of today bare no resemblance to that original idealistic group who set out to help the common people of Goldhaven. Most people whether inside or outside the organisation have no knowledge of the origins of this group of merciless thieves. Those inside tend not to care and those outside have little information to teach them the truth. The past one hundred and fifty years of history has been written by the Dukes to vilify the Sandvipers who eventually began living up to the propaganda that was used against them.

Now the organisation is as vicious a group that you will find anywhere on Etaria, in years past they have been known to employ any method that might succeed in gaining them greater wealth, power or helping them in their attempt to overthrow the Duke’s Council and seize the political power for themselves.

The single biggest threat to the Duke’s of Goldhaven there is scarcely a thief or assassin in Goldhaven that doesn’t work for the Sandvipers, even if many of them are unaware of who is employing them. Many are their agents who themselves are agents of others, meaning the time you have begun to untangle the web of false employers the threads to the Sandvipers gang has been lost like smoke drifting away on the breeze.

Palace of Thieves

The Palace of Thieves, as it is now commonly called was once the Palace of Rae’shen. A decadent, fortified residence that housed the Duke’s Council for a period of around two hundred years but ceased performing that function around one hundred and twenty five years ago. It was constructed as a display of wealth and magnificence by the Council, but also for matters of security and diplomacy. Located as it is in a secluded valley with impassable cliffs on all sides it was easy to defend, and the nearby tunnels leading into the Dragon’s Back offered a secure way to escort important foreign dignitaries and merchants to the Palace for talks. The reasons for abandonment however, are less clear, it seems again that the Duke’s have attempted to rub all mention of it from the history books.

The most commonly sighted reason is that it was during that time period the Kingdom of Goldhaven began its decline in wealth. Many of the resources of precious metals and gems that had funded the cities rise, had begun to dry up the city could no longer afford to maintain the government at a separate place so difficult as it was to access. However, the fact the decline of the city itself and the abandonment of the Palace both occurred in the decades following the founding of the Sandvipers seems far too coincidental and is also a often sighted reason amongst historians. Less commonly mentioned reasons include demonic summoning and the usual mystical portents that always spring up when such a large place is abandoned almost overnight, though this holds little sway in academic circles.

Whatever the reason the Palace of Rae’shen has long since been reclaimed by the desert, most of it now buried beneath the surface and few even know its original name. The Palace of Thieves was taken by the Sandvipers shortly after its abandonment, whilst they still held true to their idealistic beliefs and aims. Now of course it is one of the most dangerous places in the desert and few who enter the palace, seeking any treasures the Sandvipers hold within are ever seen again.

The Duke’s have tried many times over the years to clear the Sandvipers from their nest however they have always met with failure, the dark labyrinthian tunnels of the Palace beneath the sands are laced with traps and have many a poisoned dagger lying in wait.

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