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 Post subject: Genocise
PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 9:15 pm 
WoC Architect
WoC Architect
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Genocise, Wastelands of the Lost and Fallen

Long ago, the Kingdom of Genocise was known to be home to many noble families, and was full of prosperity. It lay far to the south of most civilization in Etaria, past the extensive forests of Whitewood (now known as Tendril), yet many still travelled the distance to reach the lands, for they were sure to live a long happy life among them.........but that all changed....

A great famine struck Genocise. It's origin was unknown, but come with it were many plagues, and much death. Rain fell from the heavens, and never ended, flooding the farmlands and homes. It was believed by some that it was a curse from the Gods, for those who lived in Genocise often lost faith in the powers that be, and instead engulfed themselves in the materialistic things that came plenty in the land.

Around this time, Genocise was ruled by a King known as Rumly the Great, an older man, of great stature and girth, who loved to feast and take bed with the women of the realm. Obnoxious and greedy as the man was, he led his people well, letting them live their life lives as they pleased, and partake in what pleasures they desired. The famine, however, changed his attitude.

As the great blessings of the land became more scarce, King Rumly grew more strict, knowing that he must horde what he could for himself, not caring as much for the people of his Kingdom anymore. Before he had taken for granted that there was plenty to go around, so never thought twice to let them take what they please. Not now, though. His knights were sent out to the villages and the cities, pillaging from his own people, taking riches and food, and daughters of men, even nobles, for his harem. The people allowed it at first, for they had never had to stand up for anything in their lives, growing spoiled and soft from the fruits Genocise had provided over all the years. But after time, something had to be done.

A defected Knight, known as Sir Gallow, led the citizens of the realm in an uprising, travelling from town to town, gathering a mighty army to bring down King Rumly. Many battles took place, most among the populous since the land was so plenty with people, therefore innocent lives were lost during the bloodshed. On top of all of this, Sir Gallow's army began to weaken, for the famine and plague wore at them over time, and King Rumly's forces remained plentiful, and healthy.

So Sir Gallow sent messengers out in all directions to the surrounding Kingdoms, to seek aid from any who would support his just cause. To his surprise, many great armies and Kings did come, but unfortunately not all took his side. After seeing the situation, and the vast riches and bounty that was offered by King Rumly to join with him instead, some of the nobles fought against Gallow. This marked the beginning of the Genocian Wars; a massive war of countless armies took place over the span of two centuries. Men fell by the thousands......peasants, nobles, even Kings themselves. It was not long before even Sir Gallow himself was killed.

Some time after, the focus was lost, the purpose of the war forgotten, and it became more of a strive for survival, and greed. King Rumly was defeated 27 years after the start of the Wars, and his castle, Mortuor, fallen to enemy forces, but others took his place. Countless villains seeking to collect and kill what they could, then leave and take their prizes back to their homeland. Many though, did not escape Genocise alive, and as the famine grew worse, and the war bloodier, the entire land began to fall silent of life......and the sounds of unlife came in it's place.

Death on such a massive scale, attracted the many dark forces of the lands. Creatures, unhuman in nature, and also spirits, evil in their essence. Legend has it that a hellmouth of sorts opened from within the gates of Kry’djrak, the capital city of Genocise, and the spread of these beasts began there. Even the monsters that came to Genocise, began to get caught up in it's greed and it's war. Orcs and Goblins above all others, made great use of the wasted lands, to carry out their many battles against one another. The Itheril made their appearance, coming from Har'oloth, through channels uprooted into the Mortuor itself. They engaged themselves in the affairs of the humans, and added to the chaos that began to overtake the Kingdom.

Now, many decades later, Genocise is desolate. Haunted by spirits of the fallen, creatures of the undead, hellish beasts, as well as many criminals and outcasts, seeking a place to hide from the rest of civilization. In any case, it is an empty realm, and by far the most dangerous in the World of Caenyr. A constant threat to the outside world, especially the neighbouring Kingdom of Tendril, which is always struggling to defend themselves, and keep the dark beasts of the south at bay.

Many heroic beings travel to the land, questing for the riches that exist there from those who fought in the great wars, but very few ever return from such a crusade. It is said that it is always nightfall in Genocise....always raining....and dead...nothing....but the lost...and the fallen...

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:44 pm 
WoC Architect
WoC Architect
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Joined: Sun Aug 19, 2007 1:10 pm
Posts: 1464
Location: Vancouver BC
GSID: Waterjules
Name of Main PC: Laurel Dy'ness
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