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PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:00 pm 
Caenyr Citizen
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House Zau'und, like many Households of the Underdark, started with a dagger....

Yet before house Zau'und, there was House Zau'rahel.

Ruled by Matron Akor'rae, who had taken her rightful place as Matron through the taking of blood, was an overly proud female Itheril of whom erased any past documentation of the previous matron before her, and erased her name from the existence of any texts. She was passionate for her race, yet as stubborn as the most haughty of mules. Her tolerance was low, and her patience was unfound, of which made House Zau'rahel unappealing to most intelligent elves who saw her actions as blinded and unreasoning.

This did not mean that her household was weak... on the contrary, she spent most of her resources in slavery. What few soldiers she had, she would use them furtively and encourage ambushes upon the surfacer's that she so unsecretively despised, kidnapping any they found and dragged them down to the Underdark in chains to the sacrificed, or forced into slavery to be sold.

At first, she was generous in her sacrifices to Valsharess, offering 1 heart of every 3 humans she captured. But her pride, and greed rose beyond that of her adoration for her Queen. Her sacrifices became more rare, as the wealth of the slaves was far more satisfying to the Matron.

As the war broke out between Valsharess and Melivar, she refused to adopt the new traditions of seeing men and woman as equals. Her spitfire tongue lashed at any male cleric she saw and household that adopted such customs that she saw as human-like, of which made her household loose any ground of being politically involved in the war, as most turned a deaf ear to her words.

Infuriated at her peers, she sought out a way to climb her household back up the ladder that they had so un-elegantly fell from. Desperate, she called out to the most wisest of her household and began to unfold a plan that would cause her ultimate death.

She used her gold and resources to armour and train her Itheril slaves and members of her household for basic combat, and prepared them for the surface. A single mine was their objective, of which was inhabited by a massive group of savage orcs. Through the scheming ways of her most trusted adviser, the orcs were eliminated without any Itheril bloodshed, and cost only her human slaves. Once the orcs were gone, she claimed the mine, and wasted no time in harvesting it for materials.

It was through wealth, and through a steady supply of ore and minerals to be processed into armour and weapons, did she plan to regain her standing in Har'oloth and help the war. While this plan was met with much argument and debate, she successfully kept any loose tongues silent after a few accounts and cutting them off. As her plan was proving somewhat successful, the inner loyalty of the house was fading. She worked everyone in the mines until they bled to the bone, and shared not the wealth with her inferiors. As expected of any Itheril, the situation was unfavorable.

To make matters worse, the surfacer's did not approve of the Itheril's trespassing. The humans attack was quick, swift, and bloody. Even with their basic training, Akor'raes flock was tired from work and unable to fight back. Angered by this attack and her race appearing weak, she made the unwise decision to fight back the humans after they had licked their wounds. She wanted her mine back, as much as she wanted the humans killed.

This caused unrest in the household, so much so, that the house clerics and adviser's started to look towards Akor'raes daughter, Yas'vyrae, for a solution. Although disgusted by her mothers plan to raid the surface, she followed her matron loyally... yet she still was not stupid enough to turn away any support that was given her, if there was indeed a time where she had to force her hand.

By the time Zau'rahel was geared and ready for an assault, the humans had already built a settlement of farmers, guards, and traders, of whom were reaping the mountain that the Itheril's had made possible to mine. When the Itheril's assaults began, 2/3rd of the household was dead with no progress to boast of.

Yas'vyrae could no longer justify the actions as her Matron continued to fight. She called a meeting with the supporters of whom made themselves aware to her, and that night, Yas'vyrae became the new Matron of house Zau'rahel, having followed in the same footsteps of any matron before her. All it took was a dagger.

Having watched her mothers mistakes for years, she learned the error of her mothers ways and swore never to repeat them. To help her do this, she named the wisest of her household her personal adviser's, and never did their words fall upon deaf ears. However, her word remained all, and she continued to uphold the old traditions of the Itheril ways, as well as establishing herself as judge and executioner of any who were disloyal. Several of her early supporters of whom helped her take the household, were swiftly killed and offered to Valsharess, as she deemed them too quick too disrespect the authority of a matron and plot assassination.

This left only a handful of Itheril's left in the house.... and there was still the matter of the mine.

Knowing she did not have the strength or numbers to take the mine back, she knew she had to leave an impression none the less upon the surfacer's to remind them of the Itheril strength. If they could not have the mine, then neither could the humans. She took her mages and alchemists, and blew up the edge of the mountain at nightfall, of which not only caused the mine to cave in, but caused the heavy boulders to roll upon the settlement to claim the human lives for them.

Satisfied, Yas'vyrae abandoned the name Zau'rahel, leaving its failures to die along with its past matron. She enforced the worship of Valsharess to be common place, and made sure to share the kills with their Queen of whom they served with Pride, knowing that someday, she would need her Queen to help her claim what was rightfully hers.

House Zau'und was Born... but their goals did not change. The young Matron Yas'vyrae desired the same as Akor'rae: Power in the Itheril society, to be a politically influencing household in Hal'oloth, and to continue the war against the surface. This she pledged, not only in the name of Valsharess, but to the essence of what is Itheril.

And so, it started with a dagger...

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but Whips and Chains excite me"
~ Yas'vyre Zau'und ~ | Judgement & Webs

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 12:17 am 
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