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 Post subject: The Betherak
PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:49 pm 
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OOC: After deciding to make a Betherak, I looked over their history and found surprising little on them. I also found that the description of the Betherak language and words from the Betherak language don't match up. This history is an attempt to take what I've found and fill in the gaps.

The Betherak

The Betherak are a predatory race that is believed to have descended from humans. Most known for their enslavement of the entire Itheril race, they are now a race of secluded hunters scattered all across Etaria. They have been known to live alone and in packs. There is one known Betherak city called Hai'karak. While the city is known, it's location is not. What is known is that it is located deep within the underdark, unlinked to the underdarks the Itheril now control. There are very few documents on the Betherak as they are a brutal and ruthless race of hunters, their prey is everything. They view their race as the top of the food chain, and everything not Betherak as below them. Their personalities vary, but those from their main city of Hai'karak are known to be more violent towards other races than the loners.

Physical Description: Though they resemble humans, they have come a ways from their ancestors. Betherak are pale in hair and skin, and their eyes are a shade of red varying from deep crimson to dark violet to bright orange. Betherak hair is coarse and difficult to style. The distinguishing trait of the Betherak is bone growth that is believed to have developed from their time in the underdark. It grows in various places on the body, and can be isolated to just one area or grow in multiple areas. It's most commonly found on their back, head, and joint locations (elbows, knees, knuckles, etc), being extremely tough it helps protect their skull from hitting the ceiling in caves or injuring themselves when they fall. There are many theories surrounding the bone growth in Betherak, but the most accepted believes it developed from prolonged use of the Stone Skin spell.

Culture: The Betherak are a race that believes themselves superior to every other race in existence. With this, they believe that it is their right to hunt and enslave the weaker races, because of this they encourage each other to dress intimidatingly. It's common for Betherak to weave their trophies into their hair, this varies from small trinkets to the skulls of their smaller enemies (Halflings, children, etc). Because of the elitism of their race, Betherak aren't recognized as one of the race until they've proven themselves to be an adult. Until then, they are called Kinder. Kinder are not recognized as Betherak until they've hunted down ten prey and collected trophies from each, after the tenth not only are they recognized as a Betherak, they are also named.

All Betherak are hunters and/or warriors, however, Some choose to be other things first. Every Betherak, man and woman, spends their childhood training and hunting to earn their names. It's in their adult life that they learn to enjoy other activities. Due to the nature of their society, Many Betherak practice speaking as little as possible. They are a people of action, and believe words are only wind that can alert your mark. sometimes Betherakan parents will encourage their children to only speak in Haikus. The children who do this sometimes become so accustomed to it that it carries into adulthood.

((This is meant to be a cultural detail that a player may add to their character, not all Betherak speak in haiku; nor the majority. I'd call it an uncommon social trait.))

Names: A Betherak name is very important in their society, a name isn't given but earned, many live nameless for twenty even thirty years. A Betherak's name tells of their highest accomplishments, the beginning of the name tells of the most dangerous prey they killed before being recognized as an adult. Below are some common/most dangerous:

((If you'd like to add your own, please PM either me or the admin to add it to the list))
Kar - Human
Kul - Elf
Ith - Itheril
Kur - Dragon
Dun - Dwarf
Dar - Halfling/gnome
Xar - Demon
Tur - Bear

Ith and Xar are the most esteemed as the Itheril are considered one of the most dangerous prey after they showed their strength in the rebellion, and demons are revered as the most dangerous prey. Afflictions that change a person's race (vamprism, taintism, werewolf, etc) are represented by the base race's name plus an extra letter. The extra letter is somewhat of a symbol that not only was it the base race, but the base race was empowered. The rest of a Betherak's name tells of other significant details regarding their trials to adulthood. ((it's up to the player to decide what each syllable in their name means))A Betherak name should either sound strong or lithe/agile. It is a symbol of their abilities, a weak name implies weak abilities. Examples: Turkarnash, Xar'tavol, Ithilnyr. There are no last names in Betherak society, only pride names. The prides work like clans or houses in Dwarven or Itheril (Respectively) societies. ((As the name is such an important part of the Betherak society, it's encouraged to really think your character's name out and create the stories of their hunts before you decide on a name.))

Prides: There are many prides in Hai'karak, and, unlike Dwarven and Itheril society, there is no hierarchy. The prides never fight each other, in fact there is no record of Betherak every fighting one another. Most Betherak join the pride of their birth parents, though it is not unheard of for a Betharak to join a pride they respect more. Joining a pride usually comes to an initiation. This will be a specific hunt that differs from pride to pride. The hunt usually has a symbolic meaning to the pride. Though they are a highly violent race when concerning the other races, they are also very unified with their own race. Through out history we can see Betherak mercenaries on opposite of wars who refused to fight one another. The prides will compete against one another for glory in hunts, but they will never sabotage each other or kill one another. A pride is larger than a family but smaller than a house, and everything a member of it does reflects on the pride.

Betharak to Betharak relations: As stated, the Betherak will never kill a fellow Betherak. They see themselves as a race of peerless hunters, and any who has earned the right to bare a name deserves an amount of respect. While cold and callous to the other races, Betherak are trusting and generally good-natured to their own kind. To many this explains why such a blow to their race (like the Itheril rebellion can happen) yet the race still survives and flourishes. Betherak mercenaries in opposite factions will often share their employer's tactics with one another and boast how they will over come the other's tactics. This information is rarely shared. It really can't be stressed enough how unified the Betherak are with each other, and how even strangers will act as brothers-in-arms with one another. The Betherak know of their superiority, and work together to maintain it.

Language: Betherak speak Betherakan. The language uses the common tongue's alphabet, and shares some similar sounding words, but does not actually sound like common. Betherak words tend to either have a strong edge to them or an agile undertone. The language very much represents the race as a strong and agile race of predators. The Betherak also have a subtle body language different from the rest of the world. They can often speak to one another without saying anything. Facial expressions, the way they hold themselves, and subtle movements in the body express opinions, emotions, and ideas. Though far more complex and intricate than any other race's body language, it still cannot be used as the only means to a conversation. When using it IG keep in mind that the operative word is subtle, and only fellow Betherak who had grown up in the Betherakan society would catch on and understand the body language.

Accent: The Betherak accent is more of a speaking pattern. As stated earlier, they're a quiet race. Voices echo very well in the underdark, and in response Betherak voices are naturally somewhat whispery. Both males and females tend to speak in lower tones than the other races.

((Think Liam Neeson as Ra's Al Ghul))

Religions:Originally, the Betherak worshiped Isucar and Reakhan, with the loners worshiping Drigen. Since then Isucar died and Kariss and Melivar Ascended. Now the Betherak pantheon consists of: Melivar, Reakhan, and Jaerik. Some of the loners have been known to follow Drigen or Karissa. Shavista is seen as a pretender as no intelligent god would shelter the weak. Valsharess is a symbol of their greatest failure, and as such generates much animosity from the Betherak. The other gods regarded as gods for lesser races. Though they know their surfacer names, Melivar, Reakhan, and Jaerik have their own names in Betherakan. Melivar is Voldar, Reakhan is Vuur, and Jaerik is Shar. Followers of Drigen and Karissa never belong to a pride. These are seen as deities of manipulation and stealth, and the Betherak are less trusting of their brothers and sisters that follow theses two deities. It is seen as rude to follow one of these two deities and to not make it known to the other Betherak, to them it means you're hiding something. However, even followers of Drigen and Karissa in Betherak society don't sabotage their kin, save for a couple exceptions. Those that do work against their brothers are known by all, the story is passed on and the rest of the race knows to be cautious around them.

Classes: The Betherak favor three classes; Monks, fighters, and wizards. A Betherak cannot be a ranger above level five or a druid. They cannot comprehend the empathy needed to have an animal companion and it would be seen as disgraceful to take on any shape but their own. Bards are exceptionally rare, in the Betherak society they are referred to as skalds and only play drums and war horns. Any other instrument is seen as weak. For wizards and sorcerers their familiars are enslaved and any RP should reflect that.

Alignment: Betherak cannot be good, they lack the empathy and sympathy to care for races outside their own. Lawful Evil is the most common alignment to the Betherak.

WARNING: I'm blunt and well spoken. If you find my tone offends you, take a step back, breath, then come back to the discussion, because unless I specifically say so, I'm neither mad nor trying to attack you.

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