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 Post subject: The Itheril House Do'ar
PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:41 pm 
NPC - Ruler of Har'oloth
NPC - Ruler of Har'oloth
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House Do'ar. For many Itheril, the name is unfamiliar. For some who have heard it, a myth. Nothing but an urban legend about the "house in the north" whose women are born of serpents, dalharilen d' cahlinden, and have the strength to strangle Frost Giants with their bare hands like a boa crushing an ox. Bedtime stories to inspire the young maidens of Har'oloth. But for the few who have ever survived the deadly trek through the northern expanses of the Underdark, and entered the caverns that lay beyond the Chirdon range and beneath the barbaric Falshar Kingdom, the truth is far worse than the legend.

House Do'ar is indeed a very real, yet foreign House. For Centuries they have thrived apart from the politics and feuds of Zorenbilith and its protected cities. In fact, they often go years without having any knowledge of the current events taking place elsewhere in the Underdark, and they are just fine with that. They are an ambitious lot, and spirited warriors, but there is plenty to be gained in the north without the bickering of the south to contend with. Plenty of surface for the taking.

How they take, however, is also very different than the methods of the other Houses. They battle, most certainly, but they also partner and conspire with with the feuding tribes on the surface, pitting one against another to further their own objectives. Falshar is a violent, barbaric Kingdom, ever at odds with itself, and in that mindless rage is opportunity to seize power and advantage from behind the scenes. That advantage is not always land, another difference between their wants and the desires of other Houses. Most land in the north was worthless. Food, armies, servants, supplies, or even just the pure fun of watching others fall to ruin - these were the things that guided their whims most days.

Some of the stories about their savagery is born of truth, however. They are quite merciless and effective in combat. The Frozen North is one of Etaria's most perilous regions, rivaling Genocise if not worse. The harsh environment breeds even harsher dangers, for only the strong survive in the north. Those creatures, and the other ancient beasts that take refuge in the north to avoid the threat of mortal kind, have caused House Do'ar to adapt to different fighting styles and choices of weapons than are typical of Itheril. Much like the barbaric tribes, whose cultural influence is evident within House Do'ar in many ways, they work hard to perfect hand-to-hand combat, rely on their large daggers not only as weapons but tools of survival, and when greater weapons are needed they prefer ranged or speared whenever possible. The threats they face, you want to keep your distance from if you can. And if you can't, its too awkward to swordplay with snow above your knees.

The rest of their ways, in fact most of them, remain a mystery. Remain rumors and lore. Rumor of their intense devotion to Valsharess is often blended with tales that they were in fact serpents born of her own womb, and that she threw them in the north beyond the mountains so they would not eat her other children, the Spiders, in the south. Some stories say they breed with surfacers and consume their male offspring. Stranger parable suggests they lay eggs like a snake, and the newborns hatch with daggers in their hands to immediately fight their siblings to the death so only the most worthy earn the right to live as Do'ar. All of the stories, though, are consistent in one thing - House Do'ar is both cunning, and ferocious.


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