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The People of the Sand
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Author:  Laurel [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:33 pm ]
Post subject:  The People of the Sand

The People of the Sand" - that is what the nomadic tribes of the Atharthok Desert call themselves. For many, many generations they have carved out an existence on the vast, windswept desert. It is a hard existence. Life in the desert is as treacherous as the shifting sands of the great dunes. The harsh sun saps the strength, and the fierce winds of the sandstorm strips the sanity from the mind. The People of the Sand have learned to overcome this. Their warriors glide over desert dunes that would bury an army. They are a people who take pleasure in their ability to dance with death. The harsh sun bakes the corpses of their enemies, and the fierce winds of the sandstorm strips the flesh from their bones.
For as long as they can remember, The People of the Sand have worshiped The One Who Is In The Sandstorm. With their elaborate full body tattoos their warriors pay homage to the terrible god whose true name they do not know. The swirls of the tattoos speak of the swift winds of the storm, the bringer of pain, death, suffering and fear to all in the desert. They imagine that, at the beginning of time, their forbears were called forth from the mighty fury of the Sandstorm by the god.
The life of a Child of the Sand is a struggle against the winds of life's storms from the moment it begins. However, they believe that their god, while ever trying to draw them back into the sands of death, sometimes allows them to live for a while to serve a purpose for him. Theirs is fear and struggle against the very one they worship.
In a time, far before any of their seers can remember, the god had an important task for The People of the Sand. None remember what this task was, or even whether it was completed, or whether it is still yet to be completed. However, as a result of this task the god met with each of the chieftains of the tribes and commanded that their warriors take up the tattoos that they still wear today. The tattooing tradition continues because, by the power of the god, they offer protection to the nomads better than any armour they themselves could hope to manufacture. It is believed that these tattoos also assist in their inexplicable continued survival out in the desert.
That is, until recently.
Now, warriors venture out into the sands, and they do not return. Champions return nursing wounds that have slashed through their beautiful tattoos.
The power of the god seems to be leaving the Sands.
The People of the Sand are confused. They wonder what they have done to cause the power of the god to withdraw. Fighting has broken out among the tribes. Some believe the god has died only to be replaced by another who despises them. Some claim that they have angered the god because they have forgotten the commands of ages past, of the task for which they were given their tattoos. Others believe that the god has simply no more use or interest in them and has tossed them aside.
Some of the tribes have sent representatives out into the wider world, to see out some sign of their unnamed god of the Sandstorm. With most of their hardened warriors slain in the internal fighting, or else needed to guard and forage for the moving tribes, the Seers have selected several young men and women who have just reached maturity to go forth and seek out the god.

Author:  Laurel [ Mon Sep 24, 2007 2:12 pm ]
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Author:  Laurel [ Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:02 pm ]
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Author:  The Reaper [ Fri May 11, 2012 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  The People of the Sand - An Addendum to the Original

The People of the Sand – An Addendum to the Original

The harshest lands breed the harshest creatures, a simple law of nature. Thus one would be hard pressed to find a people harsher than the People of the Sand, a nomadic tribe that thrives in an environment many would thank the gods to merely survive. The Atharthok Desert has more ways to kill than an assassin of the Torn Shadows. Hellishly hot by day and cruelly cold by night, exposure numbers among the best ways to die in the desert. Those less fortunate might go mad searching for food and drink their eyes can’t find, but most would come to their end courtesy of the Atharthok’s myriad beasts. Deceptively diminutive scorpions, no larger than a coin, have poison that can kill within the hour. The pack-hunting Desert Worgs have bone-encased faces that display wicked grins as they feast upon the bowels of their still-living prey. Hidden in the clouds of wind-swept sand lie wispy Sand Wraiths, creatures that char the flesh of all they encounter with long tendrils of flame that lash out from their ethereal fingers. A cave that might offer shelter from these monsters is more likely to offer a Dune Wyrm, quick to feed upon unsuspecting travelers until it becomes a full-fledged dragon. These and still more beasts destroy would-be explorers at every turn, but a worse yet fate is to cross the People of the Sand.

Dark haired and dark eyed, the People bear skin the color of the sandstorms that, legends say, bore them into the world. Thin and lithe compared to the average human, the People of the Sand have perfectly adapted to their sun-beat home. They fly across dunes that would bury an army and can find food and water while others starve and go thirsty. Tattoos typically cover the length of their oft-exposed bodies, swirling like the great Atharthok sandstorms. Though the significance of these tattoos has been lost to time, the People believe The One Who Is In The Sandstorm, their one true god, imbues the drawings with protective magics and many are the tales of killing blows merely glancing off their naked skin. The One Who Is In The Sandstorm is a cruel master, his fierce winds able to strip the flesh off bone, but this has bred the People into the Atharthok’s alpha species. And not a day or night passes without a sacrifice— be it a beast of the Atharthok, a foe of the People, or one of their own weak—for the continued blessing of The One Who Is In The Sandstorm. The sickly delicious smell of their own kin roasting over a spit—after all, meat is not to be wasted in the great Atharthok—serves as a constant reminder to the People of the unforgiving nature of life and the importance of strength.

At the death of Isucar, a name that would hold no meaning to the People, the sandstorms of their Atharthok were suddenly quelled. Warriors gone out for the day’s hunt would fail to return, their tattooed flesh pierced by the normally deflected teeth, claws, and other weapons of their foes. The People’s ebony-skinned rivals, the itheril Akari, began brazenly expanding their range and the People thought themselves doomed. They cried out in their native guttural tongue to The One Who Is In The Sandstorm, but received silence in response. They made sacrifices, conducted sacred dances, and any other bizarre rituals their shaman could devise, but nothing. In a final effort to survive, the People of the Sand’s tribal elders decided to send their very best Sand Scouts beyond the dunes of their home, in the hope that they would discover how to once again please their Sandstorm Lord. These scouts crossed mountains and oceans alike, but only one returned. Morio Fang, the Predator, came from the distant lands of Genocise, a continent away. He preached of the Dark Knights, the Dy’ness tribe, and most importantly, Melivar. The Curse spoke through the Predator, divinely revealing to the People of the Sand that what they knew as The One Who Is In The Sandstorm was no more, replaced by the true Sandstorm Lord. Disbelievers felt evil, fear, misery, and vengeance at the end of the Predator’s curved blades, but those of faith felt real power once again. As Melivar was accepted into their dark hearts, legend says their tattoos glowed brilliantly.

The Predator united the People of the Sand with his new tribe, the Dark Knights, under the Dy’ness banner. And in time a sect of Dark Knights arrived in the Atharthok, spreading war and ruin across Tyran with the aid of the People. This contingent dubbed themselves the Dread Talon, and under the sinful leadership of The Reaper, Luindil Dy’ness, Melivar’s sandstorm swept farther than it ever had. The People of the Sand were jubilant, aiding the Dread Talon in the destruction of all who would oppose The One Who Is In The Sandstorm. Tyranese blood soaked not only their sacred sands, but also the whole of Tyrania. The People could know no greater pleasure, and years passed.

Then seemingly from nowhere and wielding technology never before seen in Caenyr, an army invaded Tyran. They called themselves the Sinestrath and soon set their eyes upon the Atharthok. In a mighty clash, the Dread Talon, bolstered by the People of the Sand, met the Sinestrath in battle. And though a grievous blow was struck against the new invaders, The Reaper fell during the conflict and the Dread Talon was forced to retreat, back to the lands of their origin.

While some of the People left with the Dread Talon across the great ocean, eager to meet their brother tribe, most remained to harry the Sinestrath. Still reeling from their battle with the Dread Talon, and weakened from fighting a two-fronted war, the Sinestrath quickly learned to despise the Atharthok. Their advanced arms and armor did little to locate food and water, nor did either help them move across the huge sweeping dunes of the desert, or protect them from the deadly sting of the Atharthok’s creatures. Sinestrath patrols disappeared without a trace and rumors circulated through the army that the People of the Sand were devouring their foes for strength. Hemorrhaging troops, unable to make use of the desert’s resources, and fatigued by the constant beating of the Atharthok sun, the Sinestrath soon abandoned its dunes. The People of the Sand, their tattoos shining, were left to their wicked worship of The One Who Is In The Sandstorm, and again years passed.

Author:  The Reaper [ Fri May 11, 2012 7:35 pm ]
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For a long time now I've wanted to update the original People of the Sand history. For a group that's had such rich RP, both IG and on the forums, it always surprises me with how relatively sparse the original history is. This addendum takes the original history and expands upon it. Most importantly, I wanted to add that they are no longer searching for The One Who Is In The Sandstorm (as the original history ends) and their relationship with the Dread Talon.

And as a minor note, a couple history references misspell the Atharthok (forgetting the second h). One is provided below and the other is in all histories that have the appendix post with "More articles about Tyrania" :)

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