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 Post subject: Mountain Elves
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:09 pm 
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Mountain Elves


Mountain elves are of average elven build and, as with most elves, are often very beautiful. Their hair is almost always blonde – from white-blonde through to dark blonde/sandy brown, rarely darker. Eyes are blue or green, or any shade in between. Both males and females usually wear their hair long.

Mountain elves are usually best with all forms of bows, although they are also proficient with swords. Many Mountain elves are skilled in the use of magic, both arcane and divine.

Mountain elves recognise all gods but worship is usually reserved for Ath’endal’lynn, Shavista, and Verinia. Until her death, Cerestra was worshipped, as was Telmara until her expulsion from the pantheon. The ideals of both goddesses are still held and followed.

Customs, Traditions, etc
Mountain elves usually live in large extended family groups, or clans, headed by a patriarch. Many clans formed the original Mountainhome community, though they are now scattered (see history), but still build their homes in the trees. Like most elves, Mountain elves have a great love for the forest and nature in general.

They are fiercely loyal and family-oriented. Mountain elves are usually happy to assist those in trouble or need. They bear no prejudice to other races, except the Itheril, but not all clans are intolerant of them. Half-elves are usually accepted.

Honour is very important among Mountain elves. Causing dishonour to one’s clan is a great shame and, in extreme cases, can result in being cast out of the clan.

Marriage: A Mountain elf wedding is usually a big affair, involving the whole clan, if not the entire community. The ceremony itself is usually fairly short, but the celebrations can last up to a week. Prior to the wedding day, a wreath is woven by the women of the bride’s clan, consisting of vines, flowers and ribbons. Each coloured ribbon represents a blessing: red for love, purple for joy, blue for peace, green for fertility, yellow for longevity, white for purity of spirit. The wreath is presented to the bride just prior to the ceremony and she usually wears it on her head, but sometimes will carry it. Traditionally, her hair is let down, except for 3 small braids on each side, beginning just above her ears. The 3 braids are then plaited together, representing the 3 stranded cord (it is said that a 3 stranded cord is not easily broken. It also represents faith, hope and love). The 2 sets of braids are then woven together, representing the joining of the two lives, becoming one. His hair is pulled back into one braid representing strength and unity.

“One love” is a vow that a person will only love their one “true love” and, even after their true love’s death, they would take no other spouse. This vow usually made just prior to marriage (or during the marriage ceremony), however the vow nor the time at which it is made is compulsory, and it is not necessary for both parties to take the vow (although it is common that they do). It is only considered binding if: Both parties are “of age” (ie: adults), the vow is witnessed by a third person, the relationship is then consummated.
Once the vow has been made, it cannot be reversed unless one or more of the above points is not met. Breaking the vow is considered to be greatly dishonourable.

“Day of Raining Fire” is an annual day of mourning in remembrance of those who died, and those who became lost, on the day the Mountain elves were forced from their home. (see history)

Mountain elves originally came from a secluded forest area in the westernmost tip of the Chail Mountains, which they refer to as “Mountainhome”. The one of the largest mountains in the Mountainhome area was actually a volcano, but it had not been active for many centuries and so was believed to be extinct.

Over time, some moved away from Mountainhome, setting up smaller villages in the surrounding areas. However, attacks on their villages by the Itheril eventually drove them back to the sanctuary of Mountainhome. During these attacks many Mountain elves were killed, stirring up a hatred for the Itheril among many clans, particularly those who lost loved ones during the attacks.

For centuries it was believed that the volcano was extinct, but this was proven incorrect when the mountain began spewing ash and smoke, then after a violent earthquake, “rained fire” (lava bombs) down upon Mountainhome and its residents, the surrounding forest catching alight. In the ensuing panic, clans were separated as the elves fled. Many were killed and is an annual day of mourning to remember those who died and those who “became lost” (ie: were separated from their clan and were not reunited with them). The fire laid waste to much of their beloved forest and made regrouping difficult. A few days after the fire burned out, search parties were sent in to see what, if anything, was left. The report was not good. Their home was completely destroyed. With the mountain still active, it was considered too dangerous to return and rebuild, so many moved on, becoming semi-nomadic, looking for new homes. After some time, many of the fleeing elves regrouped, finding other clan members and “adopting” into their new community those who had become lost. For many, the search still continues for a new home.

There are many small villages of Mountain elves scattered all across Etaria, but the two largest communities are in the Chail Mountains (not far from the Tendril forests) and in the far northern part of the Magical Forest, near the Zenegral border.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:54 pm 
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