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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 3:48 pm 
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After settling in with his new comrades of The Dark Knight Guild, Elvamir began to get use to the idea of being in one, and having a purpose. However, while spending time within the Guild, and on their lands, he began to notice that there were a few things he disagreed with. A lot of what the guild and its organizations, such as the King's Royal Lancers, are founded on are the principles of honor, chivalry, and loyalty to a higher power. These things are not traits that Elvamir follows, nor inspires to follow. Being on his own for so long, self-preservation and profit have been his only goals in life.

After several months though, Elvamir stumbled upon a skilled rogue, who goes by the name of Dredge. Dredge's personality was more to Elvamir's liking, as profit and deceit were his trademark characteristics. Soon enough, the master thief revealed to Elvamir of his hidden thieves guild, located in Chail-Anden; The Thieves of the Torn Shadows. The young Itheril was impressed with the size and abilities that the guild possessed, and how their operation worked.

Dredge had asked Elvamir if he was willing to train, and join the Torn Shadows, but thieving was not a skill the fighter cared to improve at. During their conversation, an assassination attempt was made on the Rogue Leader, apparently by an opposing Guild. Luckily for Dredge, Elvamir's Itheril perception had keyed him to the assassin before he could complete his mission, and Elvamir struck him down with a swift blow of his sword, beheading the killer. Dredge was impressed with the way the Half-Itheril handled his weapon, and the situation, and after that began to come to Elvamir for services where a good sword was needed. The thief paid Elvamir for these services of course, and other members of the Guild had heard of this so started to seek Elvamir at his dwelling in the forest, willing to pay for similar services. Soon he realized how profitable his situation was, but the work was a bit overwhelming, even for one as willing to do it as he was. That's when it all started.

Around this time, The Dark Knight' Guild began to crumble and disband into several factions, so Elvamir took what he had observed from being in The Dark Knights, and seeing the other organizations around him, and decided to form his own clan of mercenaries; The Black Hand. He based their camp near his home in the forest, since that is where most of those seeking business seem to come.

He keeps the internal workings of the Black Hand secret. Only few know exactly how many members there are, or what it is that the clan does specifically. There is speculation as to how they are structured, what they have done, and what Elvamir has planned for their future, but these are merely rumors. For the most part, the band of mercenaries remain a mystery, but a hired sword is always in need somewhere, so their reputation continues to grow.....

...as time passes, history is made and the very fabric of the Black Hand hierarchy is ripped and torn. Emerging from the remnants of the once proud King's Army, is a Black Hand born anew. Lead by Count Vifur Skullcleaver, Battle Cleric of Raekhan, and Praetor of his armies, the vastly smaller group seeks to renew its life as a powerful mercenary group. Assisted by the man know as the Jackal, and the rest of the Council of Blood, Count Skullcleaver begins on the long road to the previous glory of the Hand...

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