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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:37 pm 
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The Righteous - History

The History of the Righteous is one filled with holes and questions. The Righteous were once a hidden organization, operating with no public appearance and minimal contact with the respective members. The Voice of the Righteous served as a filter through which all were connected, and he orchestrated the actions of the group without ever divulging his or her identity. Some claim that The Voice is immortal, that it has always been the same, but it seems more likely that The Voice is a inherited position that was kept under wraps. However, under the current Voice the Righteous has taken a distinct shift. For reasons unknown rumors have begun to spread about their initial existence, and their past exploits.

It is hard to judge based on rumors, but if one put their ears close enough to the ground they might hear bits and pieces about the groups past. It is suggested that The Righteous’ roots draw back all the way to time of Tyrion and Cerestra. It is said that after the fall of Cerestra and the disbanding of the original Order of Light, that some of those whom had survived made it their duty to honor Cerestra by creating The Righteous.

Years passed and the true motives of the Righteous were never made clear, while they started briefly as a public organization, most thought they simply vanished by the time of Tyrannous’ construction. For hundreds of years The Righteous operates. Its duties are simple; to prevent the spread of evil wherever it may gain too much power. To do this, the Righteous separated and infiltrated almost every army across Caenyr. Sometimes only a handful of them to the entire army, through a ritual still unknown to many to this day they managed to communicate and identify each other in these masses.

Their goals were arduous, to infiltrate evil forces and prevent them from accomplishing their objectives from the inside or to join good forces and provide the expert leadership and combat skills necessary to turn the tide of the battle. It is very likely that the heroic captain of the Chail Guard who led his men to a great victory against a rioting group of looters was a member of the Righteous. Or perhaps a “blundering” Dark Knight Captain who led his troops in to an ambush, but barely escaped with his life only to be killed by the Overlord for failure. The concept was simple; sacrifice for the greater good. Do what you must for the benefit of all.

By the year 900 AL the majority of The Righteous were a part of the Order of Light, they still kept their secrecy but were focused mainly with the protection and establishment of Tyran as an empire under Emperor Nmmi. Much of the forces of The Righteous were believed to be lost during the Sinestrath invasions in 922. Many of The Righteous died in last stands against the invading forces on both the sides of the Order of Light and the Dread Talon.

The shattered group allegedly then returned to their roots and began to build their base for the next two decades. In the most recent times, these rumors have come in to public knowledge and why is uncertain. Whether by the machinations of The Voice or by some outsider attempting to usurp the Righteous they have started to come out of their hiding. In Tendril a small group of warriors meets in a hut deep in the forests. Had the Legion’s war become too much of a pressing matter for them to deal with in the traditional sense?

Code of The Righteous

The Righteous are an elite force of those committed to destroying corruption, regardless if the corruption is seen as evil or good by the populace, and to maintain balance by any means necessary. There is no line the Righteous will not cross for the benefit of society as a whole. The Righteous have a “The Ends Justify the Means” view of justice, and understand that those who do evil abuse the codes of honor that those of pure heart follow. Our code is simple but powerful.

Justice – That which is just, is not always that which is morally right. We are Justice.

Brotherhood – That which binds us is more than blood. We are Brotherhood.

Fear – Fear is the hallmark of the enemy, and as such is our tool. Just as our enemy brings the night, we shall bring the dawn. We are Fear.

War –Idealism is the path of the ignorant, some problems are in fact solved through fighting. We are War.

Patience – The hunter who stalks his prey is never seen and always victorious. We are the Hunters.

Balance – Chaos and Order. Both of have their place. It is the responsibility of the Righteous to discern the line between Chaos and Order. We are Balance.

Respect – Respect is earned, not given. Once you lose it, it rarely returns. We are Honor.

Knowledge- The pursuit of knowledge does not always lie between the pages of a book. Knowledge is the smell of the dew on the grass, the chirp of the bird in the tree, the dying gurgles of a man who never saw it coming. We are Knowledge.

Righteous – Fanaticism is not reserved for the heavens. Those who do not understand it, do not understand what it means to truly give everything of yourself for the cause. We yearn for the opportunity to sacrifice ourselves for the new dawn. We are the Righteous.

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 1:00 am 
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Sever:Legendary Blade of the Horde
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Tales of the Thieves of the Torn Shadows

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