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 Post subject: Community Behavior
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:08 am 
WoC Architect (Site Founder & Owner)
WoC Architect (Site Founder & Owner)
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This community is designed for players from the ages of 13 and above. This means that explicit sexual content, either in game or on the forums, is unacceptable in a "public" manner. Light-hearted references, innuendos, etc, are fine but blatant, explicit sexual content will not be tolerated in public settings where younger players may be exposed to it.

Forums: We have a "Mature RP Forum" where this type of role-play may take place, among other more explicit RP scenes, but it is viewable upon application and approval only, and is for 18 and above players only. Avatars on the forums may be provocative, to a certain extent, as I see nothing much different about most of them then what is revealed on TV and the cover of magazines publicly, but if the Architects feel that it crosses the line you will be notified and asked to change it.

In-Character: What you do or discuss behind closed doors in game, among consenting players, I do not care about. The staff will not interfere with your "RP", or whatever it may be, to each his/her own (do not mistake this for encouragement of this RP, it is simply a tolerance of it.) Any public displays of explicit sexual behavior, either acts or discussion, is not permitted, however. As mentioned, light references, innuendo's, etc, are allowed, but blatant content will be punishable.

Out-of-Character: This is not encouraged, or permitted, in any way shape or form by the staff of this community, although we know it exists. Caenyr is a game for role-playing, and that is what should be taking place within the game, especially for this type of content. If there are out-of-character encounters taking place through use of the game, it not only detracts from the quality of the community, but it also can lead to player conflicts, among other things. I advise caution to any players engaging in this content out-of-character, and will tell you that any out-of-character engagements between players must be handled elsewhere other then within Caenyr. This rule particularly applies to out-of-character "cybersex" which is forbidden.

Deviant Role-Play: Any RP pertaining to rape, child molestation, bestiality, or any other RP deemed too extreme by me will not tolerated or allowed in ANY form at all in World of Caenyr. Public, private, or otherwise they are absolutely not tolerated, and are punishable by strike, or possibly even a ban depending on the severity of the situation. Please refrain from this type of role-play COMPLETELY. Caenyr is not the place for it, no matter what your age is or where you are RP'ing.

I will also warn all players that before participating in ANY mature RP, either in game or on the forums, to please be aware of the real life age of the players you are role-playing with. There will be no excuse for "not knowing" that a player was underage, if you are caught participating in any of the above RP with them.

Again, this community publicly accepts players of the ages of 13 and above. This is a good thing, because there are many younger role-players that are extremely talented and contribute a lot to the community, but at the same time for legal and moral reasons, among other things, I must set certain limits to public displays when it comes to sexual content. Please abide by these rules, and if you have any questions about any RP that you think might be borderline just ask first and we will gladly help you out.

Any blatant or persistent act to offend, harass, or generally make a player feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the community is considered giving them "grief" and is punishable under the strike system. In certain cases, depending on the severity of the grief it could mean an instant ban. Caenyr is a community for all players to come and have fun and enjoy their time, and anyone who works to undermine that and ruin the spirit of this community for others is not welcome.

The Caenyr staff, while devoted to bringing additional life and fun to the World of Caenyr for the benefit of the players within it, are also, themselves, players. They too enjoy some time just playing as one of their characters and having fun. If a staff member is on as a regular character, then do not disturb them via in-game "tell" or otherwise about staff related topics or requests. When they are ready to perform their staff activities they will log in and do so. Respect their desire to play the same you would expect others to respect yours.

Religious or Political discussion/debate is not permitted on the World of Caenyr forums. These topics, while important, are taken very personal by most people (naturally, and rightfully so) which means disagreements surrounding them can get very heated and ugly in a short amount of time. This is not conducive to the type of atmosphere we hope to have in the Caenyr community. The community should be focused around fun, role-play, and good friendships. There are other forums outside of WoC dedicated to politics or religion, if the discussion of those topics are important to you.

If you are unsure whether or not the topic you are going to post is deemed "political" or "religious" then please run it by an Architect before posting.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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