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Author:  Elvamir [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:08 am ]
Post subject:  In-Game Behavior

  • You must take a minimum of 5 levels for any class you choose for your character.
  • Your friends can help you during the leveling process in any way that they want – items, gold, adventuring alongside - as long as there is good role-play behind it. Joining their party and then standing behind a rock while they do all of the fighting and you collect XP is an example of bad role-play.
  • If, at any time, you want to reroll your character to re-level for a new class or better stats you can simply create a new version of your character (you’ll have to have a slightly different name) and pass over all of your items to it from your old version. After doing so, post in the Character Support forum to have the old version replaced and your new version updated to the correct name.
  • You should not exploit game mechanics (like standing around waiting for re-spawns, passing items between your characters, etc.) or for the advancement of your character in any way.

  • Make sure that, for any fight or combat situation, you have good role-play behind it. That goes for both the aggressor and the defender in any situation. Remember, your RP actions have consequences. That means if you are running around attacking people just because you're evil, without any other RP to back it, people will no longer want to play with you and you'll start getting strikes from the Architects. It also means if you act like a jerk, you just might get yourself into a fight. The only way out of that is through more RP: try and back down, try and back out, or stand up and fight and try and win. And at all times, remember - they're just pixels. Be kind and courteous to the player behind them, they aren't your enemy even if the character is.
  • The following combat situations require the presence of Enhancers, to enhance the environment as necessary to support that RP: Conquests or Raids. (Conquests being the attempt to capture a plot of land, or some housing, and Raids being large group runs to attack a protected territory of the mod.)
  • If you leave the area of a fight for any reason, you have left the fight and cannot return.
  • If you disarm an item from a player during a fight and pick it up, it’s your choice whether to return it to them or not after the battle.

  • Make sure that, for any pickpocket situation, you have good role-play behind it. Remember, your RP actions have consequences. If you get caught stealing, don’t complain when you get killed for it. If you do get caught or killed, you must return the items you stole.
  • Deity-issued items may be stolen but if you are not a follower of that particular Deity then any blessed affect the item might normally have will not be usable by your character, and you must also notify the Deity through PM or "tell" in-game that you have stolen one of their items. They would, logically, be aware of this fact and there may be consequences by them for what you have done.
  • Trade Guild items from the past (marked TG in their description) are off limits to pickpocketing so if they are you must return the item to the character you stole it from (this is an out of character courtesy return.) This only applies to "Trade Guild" items of old, not any items crafted under our current in-game crafting system.

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