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 Post subject: Jeck Breezefoot
PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:13 pm 
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Character Name: Jeck Breezefoot

Gender: Male

Race: Halfling

Age: 38

Class: Elemental Walker

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Ath’endal’lynn

Description: At about 3’6” tall, he stands tall for a Halfling. With tanned skin, green eyes and jet black hair that sticks out at all angles he looks decidedly disorganised. Sticking out from his pack are rolls of parchment, corners of books, hanging from his belt are numerous little artifacts some of which are truly bizarre in nature. The deep green eyes dart around with piercing clarity as they take in everything he sees and a hint of mischieve plays within.

His voice is relatively high in pitch, like most of his kind, however it seems to have a reasonably pleasant and melodic lilt to it as he speaks.


It started out, like many Halflings, with a desire to have fun. After all, what young Halfling wouldn’t want to be able to make things blow up with just a wave of his hand, so he studied dutifully, fanatically even. Then it developed further still, as the mysteries of the arcane began to unfold before him, he saw fire, earth, water and air not as tools that other people did but as living entities that in order to get the most of you had to coax it out of them.

Who else knew more of the elements than the Mother of Nature herself, Ath’endal’lynn. But still those who lived in his forest home, though many themselves worshiped Her, could not understand why she would bless this mischievous Halfing with powers of the arcane. He showed little sensitivity for nature, no care for balance and no respect for anything besides his study of the elements and the magic to wield them. Yet for some reason, bless him she did, the fledgling wizard grew towards adulthood with those devout of the Mother around him looking on in confusion and disapproval. But what they failed to consider was that like all Mothers, she knows her children better than anyone else.

Jeck whistled merrily as he made his way between the trees, weaving an invisible path that to most would seem like aimless meandering. It was in-between the verse and chorus of the tune, when he paused to take a breath that the sound caught him; carried on the breeze as the air itself almost seemed to speak to him. A whimpering sound of suffering and distress, it tugged upon his heart strings and instantly the merry nature was gone to be replaced by the focus he usually only devoted to his studies. A few whispered words and a weave of magic and he vanished on the spot, moving lightly through the wood towards the source of the sound.

The doe lay stricken, it’s leg badly bloodied and torn by a large vicious clamp that bit with metal teeth into flesh and bone. Jeck dropped the magic from him as he approached slowly, holding out his hands and whispering calming words to try and show the deer that he was a friend.

”Shh, girl, I’m hear to help.”, after it gave a terrified sniff of his hand he knelt beside it. One hand stroked the injured creature’s side and the other touched the injured leg, gentle magic conjuring cold air to numb and soothe the wound slightly.

”I’m going to have to take it out. To bandage it. Try not to struggle.”, he wasn’t sure why, but he was sure that the doe understood. Which at any other time would have surprised him as he lacked the affinity for animals that the Druids and Rangers he’d met shared, he got on far better with elementals than he did with wild animals. Carefully taking the trap in both hands he slowly eased the spikes from the creature’s leg, it scrambled to get upright once free but made no attempt to flee from him. Taking a small healing potion from his bags he poured it on to a spare shirt he found there.

”Sorry, a shirt is all I have, it is clean though.”, placing the now soaked shirt against the wound the doe flinched at first but then began to relax as the healing potion did its work. Once the main wound was closed he continued, pouring more directly onto the skin and began to rub it in when a sudden crash from behind him sent the doe charging away in fright. Jeck span around, flame coating both his hands as he prepared to defend himself to find nothing but empty woodland. Feeling compelled the Halfling waved the flame from his hands and moved onwards, towards the direction the crash had come from.

A few minutes later as the trees finally began to thin, he came upon a sight which appalled him. Lumberers worked tirelessly, cutting down trees and carving up their spoils. This was a protected woodland, watched over by Ath’endal’lynn's flock; the whole region knew that no part of it should ever be cleared that had not fallen naturally. The very air around him seemed to crackle in angry support, there, in that moment of absolute clarity he knew it would work. For years he had tried, studying, practicing and teasing with the elements to command them to do as he willed. But finally he understood... it wasn’t command he needed... it was a union. His hands moved and magic began to flow, the air shimmering and condensing forming tighter and tighter into a swirling vortex of elemental energy until beside him floated an Air Elemental; his Air Elemental. An Elemental Walker, was born.

Somewhere, on a distant plane, a Mother smiled.

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